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Is there a link between the Deragoth and the Hounds of Shadow

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WARNING: This text contains many spoilers from novels up to and including Toll the Hounds.




Based on the behaviour of the Deragoth and Hounds of Shadow towards each other, it is likely there is a connection between the two. Firstly, the Hounds of Shadow Doan and Ganrod, who traveled into the Gate of Darkness within Dragnipur, traveled across the Jaghut Death Bridge towards the statues wherein reside the remaining Deragoth. It is suspected that the arrival of these two Hounds of Shadow had some significance towards the awakening of the two Deragoth who attacked Onrack and Sha'ik's camp in House of Chains.


Furthermore, the remaining five Deragoth in The Bonehunters, upon being released from their statues, pursued the Hounds of Shadow throughout Seven Cities. This pursuit may have ceased following the events in G'danisban involving Poliel. The Deragoth are not seen in Toll the Hounds, nor do the Hounds of Shadow act as if they are pursued in Toll the Hounds.


That being said, there are significant differences between the Deragoth and Hounds of Shadow that might dispel any simple relationships between the two. As L'oric's travels through memory-warrens in House of Chains evinces, the Deragoth were once a numerous race spread across Seven Cities. The Jaghut Ganath supports this assertion in The Bonehunters when she asserts that the seven remaining Deragoth were the seven "surviving" Deragoth, implying there were once many more. In contrast, the Hounds of Shadow, while they may have originally been more numerous (ex: Pallick), Tulas Shorn entails that they were created by a sentient hand with a pre-conceived role within the Shadow aspect.


It should further be noted that Osserc claims in House of Chains that he originated the name "Deragoth", meaning Hounds of Darkness in the Andii language. He states that they are not related to Mother Dark, that he merely thought the name appropriate based on their characteristics and that they have no connection to the pantheonic Darkness.


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