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Name: Itkovian

Pseudonyms: the Redeemer


Race: human,



Further Info: Former Shield Anvil of Fener. Later, ascendant worshipped in the cult of the Redeemer


Itkovian, Shield Anvil of Fener's Reve (the Grey Swords)

MoI, Dramatis Personae




"'Tell me, Endest, what stirs in the Great Barrow?'


'Is it Itkovian? Do we witness in truth the birth of a new God?'"

Anomander Rake and Endest Silann in TtH


Seerdomin was, in truth, the least ignorant of them all.  Had he known Itkovian in his life?  She thought not.  Indeed, it would have been impossible.  And so whatever had drawn Seerdomin to the cult arrived later, after Itkovian's death, after his ascension.

TtH, US mmpb p.593


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Comments (2)

Sam said

at 3:39 am on Jan 11, 2010

Shouldn't there be some reference as to Itkovian being the Redeemer? Unless I'm crazy it fits perfectly that Itkovian is the Redeemer worshipped in "Toll the Hounds".

Korlat said

at 3:35 pm on Jul 21, 2010

I agree with you and I put the reference in "further info".

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