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Name: Jelem



Race: human



A soldier of the Whirlwind, slain by Kalam Mekhar.

"All well armed and armoured in boiled leather."

DG, UK mmpb, p.365


"True soldiers of the Whirlwind, then."

DG, UK mmpb, p.365


" 'Spread out!' one of the warriors hissed. 'Jelem, Hanor, get the crossbows-'


The remaining two warriors crouched twenty feet away, loading their crossbows. The weapons were Malazan, assault-issue, and both men revealed a fatal lack of familiarity with the loading mechanisms. Kalam himself could read such a crossbows in four seconds.

He did not grant the warriors even that, closing with them in a flash. One still tried to lock the crank, his frantic terror undoing his efforts as the quarrel jumped from its slot and fell to the ground. The other man tossed his crossbow down with a snarl and retrieved his tulwar in time to meet Kalam's charge. He had advantage in both the reach and weight of his weapon, yet neither availed him when a sudden loss of courage froze him in his tracks.


The word rode his last breath as Kalam batted th tulwar aside and cross-swung his long-knife's razor-sharp edge, opening the warrior's throat. The swing continued, spinning to transform into a sideways thrust that pierced the other man's chest, through boiled leather, skin, between ribs and into the lung. Choking, the warrior crumpled. The assassin finished him with another thrust." - The death of Jelem and Hanor

DG, UK mmpb, p.365


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