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'Seljure's always been wobbly on the throne.......ever since Stygg fell to the Jheck and he baulked at invading. Now we've got a horde of savages just the other side of the strait and all Seljure does is bleat empty threats.' (BF PSP, pb p.11)


'It's a complicated horde, them Jheck. You've got a pantheon chock full of spirits and demons and the like - and the War Chief answers to the Elders in everything but the lay of battle.' (BF PSP, pb p.11)


' Stygg fell in the span of a day and night.' (BF PSP, pb p.11)


'Just be glad them Jheck can't row a straight course in the Lees. I heard they burned the Stygg galleys in the harbours.'(BF PSP, pb p.11)


Soletaken Jheck of Lether


Out of the white

Out of the sun’s brittle dismay

We are the grim shapes

Who haunt all fate

Out of the white

Out of the wind’s hoarse bray

We are the dark ghosts

Who haunt all fate

Out of the white

Out of the snow’s worldly fray

We are the sword’s wolves

Who haunt all fate

Jheck Marching Chant

(MT, UK Trade, p.351)

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Mischief and Folly said

at 8:12 am on Nov 11, 2009

Are the Jheck, Jhags?

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