Jorrick Sharplance

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Jorrick Sharplance


Name: Jorrick Sharplance





Further Info: Member of the Crimson Guard.



Officer in The Crimson Guard


He commanded the Barghast - Crimson Guard force that gave the Gold Moranth a thorough defeat at Blackdog Forest.




Jorrick Sharplance, a Crimson Guard officer


GotM, Dramatis Personae

"(Caladan Brood:) 'Jorrick Sharplance, under him five thousand Barghast and seven Blades of the Crimson Guard.'

'Sharplance?' Crone hissed laughter. 'Full of himself, is he?'

'He is, but the Barghast so named him. As I was saying, five legions of Gold Moranth dropped into his lap three days ago. Jorrick retreated under the cover of the night, and bled off two-thirds of his army east and west - his Barghast have a knack of disappearing where no cover seems possible. Yesterday his panicked mob did an about-face and met the Gold. His Barghast moved in as pincers. Two Moranth legions wiped out, the other three retreating to the forest with half their supplies scattered on the plain.'

Crone cocked her head again. 'Jorrick's plan?'

Brood inclined his head. 'He's Crimson Guard, though the Barghast call him their own. Young, thus fearless.'"


GotM, UK TPB, p.247

"A faint smile quirked Kallor’s thin lips. 'What madness has Jorrick Sharplance perpetrated now?'

'None, so far as I’m aware,' Brood answered. 'Ease up on the lad, Kallor. He pulled off the last one. Remember, you were young once, too.'

The old warrior shrugged. 'Jorrick's last success belongs to the Lady of Luck if anything. It surely was not the product of genius.'

'I'll not argue you that one,' Brood said."


GotM, UK TPB, p.249-50


"Beaten and in chains, he [Humble Measure] would have suffered the same fate as the others if not for the presence of a mercenary company allied with the city. Its commander, a tall, fierce warrior named Jorrick Sharplance had taken command of the handful of surviving prisoners.

That company was subsequently driven from One Eye Cat by the city's paranoid rulers, sailing out on ships across Old King Lake, shortly before yet another act of treachery proved more successful than the first attempt. Another night of slaughter, this time at the bloodied hands of Claw assassins, and One Eye Cat fell to the Malazan Empire. 

Jorrick Sharplance had taken his prisoners with him, setting them free on the wild south shore of the lake, at the very feet of One Eye Range, with sufficient supplies to take them through the mountain passes on to the Old King Plateau." (TtH)


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