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A tribe of the Seven Cities.


Khundryl: west of Nenoth Odhan - (DG, Glossary)


"Three vast, powerful tribes awaited them, two of them, the Tregyn and the Bhilard, striking at the beleaguered column like vipers. With the third, situated at the very edge of the plains - the Khundryl - there was no immediate contact, though it was felt that that would not last." - (DG, UK mmpb, p.785)


"'The Khundryl,' Duiker said. 'Said to be the most powerful tribe south of Vathar - as we can now acknowledge.'


The Khundryl, in the tens of thousands, formed two distinct masses, one directly west of Sanimon's mouth, the other farther to the north, on a flank of Korbolo Dom's army. Between these two was a small knot of war chiefs..." - (DG,UK mmpb, p.797)


"The Khundryl war chiefs waited in a row before them, not thirty paces away. They wore, beneath skins and furs and fetishes, a strange greyish armour that looked almost reptilian. Long moustaches, knotted beards and spiked braids - all black - disguised most features, though what remaind was sun-darkened and angular." - (DG, UK mmpb, p.798)


The actions of the Khundryl clans changed all that. For they had come, not to join in the slaughter of Malazans, but to give answer to the one question demanded of their pride and honour. The south mass struck the Tregyn position like a vengeful god’s scythe. The north was a spear thrusting deep into Korbolo Dom’s flank. A third, hitherto unseen force swept up from the valley itself, behind the Bhilard. -(DG UK TPB, p.576)






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