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Kilava Onas


Name: Kilava Onas

Pseudonyms: The Defier

Age: 300 000+ years

Race: Imass Soletaken

Appearance: Small and sleek, well-muscled, smooth-skinned. Black eyes, long unkempt black hair.

Warren: Tellann

Further info: A flesh and blood Imass Bonecaster, sister to Onos T'oolan, the First Sword. Defied the Ritual of Tellann.



Kilava, a renegade Bonecaster - (MoI, Dramatis Personae)


"The Imass was wearing the skin of a panther. Her eyes were as black and seemed to match its shimmer in the dying light. She looked well fed, her large, swollen breasts indicating she had recently birthed.

The Jaghut mother could not read the woman's expression, only that it lacked the typical grim certainty she usually associated with the strange, rounded faces of the Imass." - (MoI, UK MMPB, p.27)


"She appeared before him, sleek and muscled and smooth-skinned. A woman, small yet not frail, the fur of a panther on her shoulders, her long black hair unkempt yet gleaming in the day's dying light. Almond-shaped eyes, amber like his own. Heart shaped face, robustly boned." - (MoI, UK MMPB, p.316)


Soletaken Form


"The panther that Toc knew was coming finally appeared, more than twice a man's height in length, eyes almost level with Toc's own, her sleek fur blue-black and shimmering." - (MoI, UK MMPB, p.317)



Her Defiance of the Imass


"'The Gathering has been called. The Ritual of Tellann awaits us, Bonecaster.'

She spat. 'You are all insane. To choose immortality for the sake of war - madness. I shall defy the call, Bonecaster.'

He [Pran Chole] nodded. 'Yet the Ritual shall be done. I have spiritwalked into the future, Kilava. I have seen my face withered face of two hundred thousand and more years hence. We shall have our eternal war.'

Bitterness filled Kilava's voice. 'My brother will be pleased.'

'Who is your brother?'

'Onos T'oolan, the First Sword.'

Pran Chole turned at this. 'You are the Defier. You slaughtered your clan - your kin-'

'To break the link and thus achieve freedom, yes. Alas, my eldest brother's skills more than matched mine. Yet now we are both free, though what I celebrate Onos T'oolan curses.'" - (MoI, UK mmpb, p.33-4)


Onrack: "Olar Ethil, Kilava Onas, Monok OchemHentos IlmTem BenastoUlpan NodostTenag IlbaieAy EstosAbsin Tholai … the Bonecasters of the Logros T'lan Imass. Who among them are lost? Kilava, of course, but that is as it has always been." - (HoC, UK TPB, p.577-8)



Pogrom of the Rotted Flower and the Origins of the Pannion Domin


"The Bonecaster [Kilava] spoke [to Pannion's mother]. 'I have enough Jaghut blood on my hands. I leave you to the Kron clan that will find you tomorrow.' ...

'What,' ... 'do you want?'

'To offer you a bargain.'

Breath catching, the Jaghut mother stared into the Bonecaster's dark eyes, and saw nothing of mockery. Her gaze then dropped, for the briefest of moments, on her son and daughter, then back up to hold steady on the woman's own.

The Imass slowly nodded. - (MoI TBP p.20)


[Pran Chole]: "'A renegade Bonecaster has taken the children.'

[Cannig Tol]: 'South?'

'To Morn.'

The Clan Leader's brows knitted.

'The renegade would save this woman's children. The renegade believes the Rent to be Omtose Phellack.'

Pran Chole watched the blood leave Cannig Tol's face. 'Go to Morn, Bonecaster,' the Clan Leader whispered. 'We are not cruel. Go now.' - (MoI, TPB, p.22)


"The faintest release of her [Kilava's] power sent the two Jaghut children upward, into the gate's maw [the rent at Morn]. Then the two small figures vanished within. ...

The Tellann warren opened behind her. ...

The woman smiled. 'I greet you, Bonecaster. Yes, I have sent them through. They are beyond the reach of your vengeance, and this pleases me.' ...

'You should have let me find you last night,' Pran Chole said. 'I would then have been able to convince you that a swift death was the greater mercy for those children than what you have done here, Kilava.'

...'It was this - this wounding - that destroyed the city, Kilava. The warren beyond - do you not understand? It is not Omtose Phellack! Tell me this - how are such wounds sealed? You know the answer, Bonecaster!'

...'If a soul sealed that wound, then it should have been freed . . . when the children arrived -'

'Freed,' Pran Chole hissed, 'in exchange!'

...'Then where is it? Why has it not appeared?'

Pran Chole turned to study the central mound on the plain. 'Oh,' he whispered, 'but it has.' ...

'This city then. Who built it.'

'K'Chain Che'Malle.'

'I know the name, but little else of them.'

Pran Chole nodded. 'We will, I expect, learn.' - (MoI TBP p.22-4)



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