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Name: Korlat

Pseudonyms: none

Age: Unknown, but has served Anomander Rake for 14,000 years

Race: Tiste Andii

Appearance: Tall, black skinned woman with variable eye color

Warren: Kurald Galain

Further info: Second in command to Anomander Rake (MoI), Sister to Orfantal Daughter of Sandalath Drukorlat and blood-kin to Serrat, Lover of Whiskeyjack


Korlat, as Anomander Rake's second-in-command, represents the Tiste Andii of Moon's Spawn in Rake's extended absence. Kallor questions her judgment because of her relationship with Whiskeyjack, but Rake is unfazed when apprised of it. Similarly, tension between Korlat and Whiskeyjack is dispelled by Rake's understanding of the Malazan deception and approval of their tactics. At a crucial point in the march on Coral, Korlat is unable to convince Brood of the need for a quick-march to support Dujek because of Kallor's arguments. Korlat and Orfantal leave brood to accompany Whiskeyjack to the end of the Pannion Domin campaign. Whiskeyjack had intended to retire after this campaign to live with Korlat in a remote mountain retreat.


Korlat, a night-hunter and blood-kin to Serrat - (GotM, Dramatis Personae)


"Korlat, blood-kin to Serrat, slowed as she approached the strange house." - (GotM, US HC, p.482)


Korlat, a Tiste Andii Soletaken - (MoI, Dramatis Personae)


If her Lord was well, then she would have to stand before him and formally sever her service – ending a relationship that had existed for fourteen thousand years, or, rather, suspending it for a time. (MoI)




"...the shade of her eyes deepening to slate grey..." "Her eyes, soft brown..." - (GotM, US HB, pp. 401 and 483)


"Her violet eyes..." - (MoI, UK Trade, p.256)


"A tall, martial woman with midnight skin...extraordinary, almond-shaped eyes the colour of sun-bleached grass...Korlat, second to Anomander Rake."- (MoI, UK Trade, p.641)


".. a tall, black skinned woman... The newcomer's angled eyes held on the child playing on the hillside. The prairie wind sent strands of long black hair over her face. Fine, scaled armour glinted from beneath her black-dyed, rawhide shirt." - (MoI UK MMPB p.105)




"'I did not ask for company - I asked for you... I wish us to become lovers, Whiskeyjack. Beginning tonight. I wish to awaken in your arms. I would know if you have feelings for me.'"- (MoI, US HB, p.341)


"Rake slowly turned to regard him. 'I had not expected to find her in such... renewal. A heart I'd believed closed forever. To see it flowering so...'" -Anomander Rake to Whiskeyjack about Korlat - (MoI, US HB, p.486)


"The Tiste Andii, Korlat was watching him. Their eyes locked. 'Such extraordinary beauty...' " - Whiskeyjack - (MoI, US HB, p.88)


"The enemy is destroyed, Korlat. What you would guard, staying with me, is the heart within you. You would fend it from pain. From loss. Sister, he deserves more. Go down now. To grieve is the gift of the living - a gift so many of our kin have long lost. Do not retreat. Descend, Korlat, to the mortal realm." - Orfantal to Korlat - (MoI, US HB, p.733)


War with the Pannion Domin


"Korlat's gaze narrowed searchingly. 'Pragmatic Malazans. Clear-eyed indeed. Why do we keep thinking of you as just soldiers? Brood, Rake, Kallor... myself, we all look upon you and Dujek and your army as something... ancillary. A sword we hope to grasp in our hands when the need arrives. It seems now that we're all fools. In fact, not one of us has come to realize the truth of how things now stand. ... You have become our backbone. Somehow, you are what gives us our strength, holds us together.'" - (MoI, US HB, p.401)


"Itkovian would accompany the army that struck for Lest, which consisted of the Grey Swords, elements of the Tiste Andii, the Rhivi, Ilgres Barghast, a regiment of cavalry from Saltoan, and a handful of lesser mercenary companies from North Genabackis. Caladan Brood remained in overall command, with Kallor and Korlat as his seconds." -(MoI, US HB, p.582)


"And if some calamity had befallen Anomader Rake, then Korlat would find herself the commander to the dozen Tiste Andii who, like her, had remained with Brood's army. She would make that responsibility shortlived, for she had no wish to rule her own kin. She would free them to decide their own fates." - (MoI, US HB, p.650)


"Kurald Galain, the darkness within the soul, flowing outward, filling her limbs, sweeping round to swallow her feelings - the comfort of oblivion. Korlat stood, her back to the three lifeless figures on the hilltop that still lay where they fell. Stood, silent, the power the power of her warren - flickering, dimming to surges of pain - reaching out, seeking her kin."- (MoI, US HB, p.715)


"They were, under her direction, exploring Kurald Galain, their Warren of Darkness, drawing upon its power in an effort to purge it of the Crippled God's infection. Whiskeyjack had seen, upon their short-lived, infrequent reappearances, the cost borne by Orfantal and the other Tiste Andii. But Korlat wanted Kurald Galain's power within reach - without fear of corruption - by the time battle was joined at Coral." - (MoI, US MMPB, p.773)


"'We will hunt Kallor down, my brother and I'" - Korlat to Anomander Rake - (MoI, US HB, p.758)




Soletaken Eleint


"She approached her companions, preparing her mind for the veering into her draconic form. The power that came with the transition had always frightened her, for it was a cold, hard manifestation, unhuman and inhuman both." - (MoI, US HB, p.489)


"...she strode down the slope, unfolding the power within her as she did so. Draconian blood, cold as ice in her veins, a promise of murder. Brutal, unwavering hunger." - (MoI, US HB, p.716)

Korlat and Sandalath Drukorlat


Korlat’s eyes shifted slowly, fixed upon the kneeling form of Yan Tovis.  “Her son was the only child that ever mattered to my mother, Nimander.  And I failed to protect him.  She set that one charge upon me.  To protect her son.” -(TCG)


Korlat reflecting on her collection of polished stones : 'one for Spinnock Durav – who cared nothing for her low-birth' - (TCG)


Sister of Cold Nights


“Korlat, daughter of Sandalath Drukorlat, The Sister of Night in the House of the Shake is not for one of the pure blood –” 

“Forgive me, Queen, but my blood is not pure.”

 Yan Tovis paused, and then continued,  “The blood of the Eleint –”

  “Queen, my blood is not pure.” - Korlat & Yan Tovis (TCG)



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