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Kurald Galain

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Kurald Galain, Elder Warren of Darkness


The warren of the Tiste Andii. Used by humans on rare occasions.


"The Moon's lord responded. A black, writhing wave rolled down to the first hill. The High Mage was buffeted to his knees deflecting it, the hilltop around him blighted as the necrous power rolled down the slopes, engulfing nearby ranks of soldiers. Tattersail watched as a midnight flash swallowed the hapless men, followed by a thump that thundered through the earth. When the flash dissipated, the soldiers lay in rotting heaps, mown down like stalks of grain.

Kurald Galain sorcery. Elder magic, the Breath of Chaos"

- Anomander Rake uses Kurald Galain during the Sorcery Enfilade at Pale. - (GotM, UK mmpb p.75,  UK Trade p.56)


"...virulent power washed over Tattersail and she found her own defences assailed by the sorcerys cold, screaming will as it sought to destroy her."

- Tattersail under Rake's Kurald Galain assault - (GotM, UK mmpb p.76)


"Old, dark and icy cold. Kurald Galain" - (GotM, UK TB, p.317)


"She’d opened her Kurald Galain Warren into a defensive layering of wards around her...A dozen wards protected her back." - (GotM, UK Trade, p.434)


"She snapped a Kurald Galain spell and vanished." - (GotM, UK TB, p.434)


"Here, you shall not suffer from the civil wars that plague Kurald Galain" - (MT, UK HB, p.4)


"The art of Rashan is found in the tension that binds the games of light, yet its aspect is one of dissipation—the creation of shadow and of dark, although in this case the dark is not absolute, such as is the aspect of the ancient warren, Kurald Galain. No, this dark is particular, for it exists, not through an absence of light, but by virtue of being seen."

- The Mysteries of Rashan - a madman's discourse Untural of Lato Revae - (HoC, ???)


The Gate to Darkness

The gate to Kurald Galain was once housed in the sword, Dragnipur.


"The wagon carries the gate, the gate into Kurald Galain, the warren of Darkness. The sword gathers souls to seal it… such a wound it must be, to demand so many souls…" - (MoI)


"The Gate of Darkness wandered no more. Was pursued no longer. The Gate of Darkness had found a new home, in the heart of Black Coral." - (TtH, UK TB, p.904)


The First Shore


Yedan nodded at the Lightfall.  "Because, Captain, there is only one way through.  This stretch of beach.  A thousand paces wide.  Only here is the wall scarred and thin, from past wounds.  Only here can they hope to break the barrier.  We bar this door, Captain, and we save your world." - (TCG)



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