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Kurald Thyrllan

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Kurald Thyrllan


The Elder Warren of Light


"The Tiste Liosan. Kurald Thyrllan – this is the name they give their warren.' - HoC, UK Trade, p.405



The Inter-relationships of Thyrllan, Thyr and Tellann


Kurald Thyrllan had been born of violence, the shattering of Darkness. The Elder Warren had since branched off in many directions, reaching to within the grasp of mortal humans as Thyr. And, before that, in the guise of life-giving fire, Tellann. -L'oric - (Hoc)


General References



"Kurald Thyrllan, but the ascendant shaping it remained unseen. Onrack wondered at its nature. If these Liosan were any indication, it found sustenance from purity, as if such a thing was even possible. Intransigence. Simplicity." - HoC, UK Trade, p.409


"...a realm of gold fire. Wild storms on all horizons, a raging, blinding sky. They (Pearl and Lostara Yil)stood on a scorched patch of glittering crystals, the past passage of immense heat having burnished the sharp-edged stones with myriad colours. Other such patches were visible here and there. Immediately before them rose a pillar, shaped like an elongated pyramid, withered and baked, with only the surface facing them dressed smooth. Words in an unknown language had been carved on it." - HoC, UK Trade, p.417

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