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Name: Kyle

Pseudonyms: Soldier of High House Light

Age: youth

Race: human, Bael


Further Info: A member of the Crimson Guard during the eleventh year of Laseen's reign. 





"His thoughts turned back to his own youthful night raids.  Brothers, sisters and friends banding together against the neighboring clan's young warriors.  The Nabrajans had always been encroaching upon his people's lands.  Settlements no more than collections of homesteads, but growing.  His last raid ended when he and his brothers and sisters encountered something they had no words for: a garrison."  (RotCG, US MMPB, p. 34)


"'Wait.'  Smoky grasped Kyle's weapon hand.

Kyle almost yanked free, but he remembered Ogilvy's words and stopped himself.  The mage frowned as he studied the blade.  Kyle waited, unsure... The mage grunted, evidently seeing some answer and fished a slim steel needle from his robes.  He began scratching at the curved blade.  'Anything you want?  Your name?  Oponn's favour?  Fire, maybe?'

Thinking of his own totem, Kyle answered, 'Wind.'"  (RotCG, US MMPB, p. 44)


"Stoop hovered at Kyle's side, ready should he faint.  'Now, no need to get all lathered up.  Sure we suspected there was something worth our time up here.  Otherwise we would've kept right on going.  I'm sorry that you 'n' him were both pledged to Wind.'

Kyle laughed.  Pledged!"  (RotCG, US MMPB, p. 58)


"(Traveller) 'No.  You'll be safe enough with the brothers.  And there is the blade you carry.  You have no idea what you really have here and that I think is the way things were intended.'

His Sword?  'What do you mean?'

An easy shrug.  'It is a powerful weapon.  Others might have used it to gather riches, power.  But nothing like that has even ocurred to you, has it?'" (RotCG, US MMPB, p. 727)


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