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Last Siege of Y'Ghatan

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The Last Siege of Y'Ghatan is the name given to a battle between the armies of the Apocalypse and the Malazan 14th Army.



Following the Battle of Raraku, the 14th Army pursued a large group of warriors led by Leoman of the Flails to the city of Y'Ghatan. Upon arriving, Leoman killed the city's Falah'd and forced the residents to flee to Lothal before the 14th Army arrived. Upon its arrival, the Malazan army encircled the city using its cavalry and entrenched its own forces.


The Battle:

The first night of the siege, the 14th Army used Moranth munitions to destroy a part of the city walls and entered the city through the breach. The warriors of the Apocalypse initially defended the city using ambushes from houses near the breach. As pre-arranged by Leoman, selected warriors of the Apocalypse ignited themselves using lanterns and the local olive oils, and used themselves to ignite caches of olive oil placed within the walls of buildings and in a trench that extended outside the city. The resulting firestorm killed all the remaining warriors of the Apocalypse and a large number of the Malazan soldiers.



  • Among the 14th Army, thousands of soldiers were trapped within the firestorm. The High Mage Sinn was able to suppress the flames sufficiently to allow many to escape. Still more died in hospital in the days that followed.
  • Forty-one soldiers from the 9th Company, 8th Legion managed to reach the Temple of the Queen of Dreams in Y'Ghatan where they burrowed beneath the temple into the ancient ruins beneath the city. Over the course of three days, they crawled through old tunnels and caverns and eventually emerged from the city on the fourth night.
  • Captain Lostara Yil was rescued from the firestorm by Cotillion.


  • Among the forces of the Apocalypse, Leoman of the Flails, Dunsparrow and L'oric escaped the firestorm with assistance from the Queen of Dreams.
  • Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas was taken prisoner by the Survivors of Y'Ghatan and escaped the city with them.


  • Approximately a dozen children left behind in the Temple of the Queen of Dreams were found by Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas during the battle. They escaped with the Survivors of Y'Ghatan.


"These new cults with their grisly icons, they did nothing to honour the Chain of Dogs. They were never intended to. Instead, they seemed to Keneb pathetic efforts to force a link with past greatness, with a time and a place of momentous significance. He had no doubt that the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan would soon acquire similar mythical status, and he hated the thought, wanted to be as far away from the land birthing and nurturing such blasphemies as was possible."

tBH, UK mmpb, p. 668


"Leoman had drawn them right in, made the city a web from which there was no escape - only... we made it, didn't we? But, how many didn't? The captain had told them. Upwards of two thousand, wasn't it? All to kill a few hundred fanatics who would probably have been just as satisfied killed themselves and no-one else, to make whatever mad, futile point they felt worth dying for."

tBH, UK mmpb, p. 522




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