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Letherii Kingdom

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"Letherii, the white skinned peoples from the south"(ref?)


'King Diskanar’s capital alone was home to over a hundred thousand, and there were a half-dozen cities nearly as large in Lether. With the protectorates across Dracons Sea and to the east, the hegemony could amass and field six hundred thousand soldiers, maybe more. Attached to each legion there would be a master of sorcery, trained by the Ceda, Kuru Qan himself.'(MT, UK Trade, p.99)


Letherii Justice


'Any criminal who could swim across the canal with a sack of docks

strapped to his back won freedom. The amount of coin was dependent

upon the nature of the transgression. Theft, kidnapping, failure to pay a debt, damage to property and murder yielded the maximum fine of five hundred docks. Embezzlement, assault without cause, cursing in public upon the names of the Empty Throne, the king or the queen, demanded three hundred docks in reparation. The least of the fines, one hundred docks, were levied upon loitering, voiding in public and disrespect. These were the fines for men. Women so charged were accorded half-weights...If someone could pay the fine, he did so, thus expunging his criminal record...The canal awaited those who could not...The Drownings were more than public spectacle, they were the primary event among a host of activities upon which fortunes were gambled every day in Letheras. Since few criminals ever managed to make it across the canal with their burden, distance and number of strokes provided the measure for wagering bets. As did Risings,

Flailings, Flounderings and Vanishings...The criminals had ropes tied to them, allowing for retrieval of the coins once the drowning was confirmed. The corpse was dumped back into the river. '(MT, UK Trade, p.100)

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