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Name: List



Race: human,


Further Info: A corporal in the Malazan 7th Army


List, a corporal in the 7th Army
DG, Dramatis Personae
"Corporal List has been killed in every exercise so far, the poor boy's Hood-addled..."
DG, UK mmpb, p.132


"The standard bearer left his position - the standard itself propped up between corpses - and leapt forward in a desperate attempt to reach his commander. A blade neatly decapitated him, sending his head toppling back to join the bloody jumble at the standard's base, and thus did Corporal List die, having experienced countless mock deaths all those months ago at Hissar."
DG, UK mmpb, p.854

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iksaxophone said

at 7:41 pm on Oct 20, 2012

Why is this a mystery? List is simply a side character, isn't he?

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