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Name: Mael

Pseudonyms: Bugg

Age: ...

Race: ...

Appearance: Natural appearance: wide and squat, deep blue skin that faded to pale gold at throat and belly. Lank blond hair on a broad, almost flat pate. Amber Eyes.

Warren: Denaeth Rusen

Further info: the acting man-servant of Tehol Beddict in Letheras,. One of the Elder Gods. The Elder God of the Seas


Bugg, Tehol's manservant - RG, US HC, Dramatis Personae



"Mael, Elder Lord of the Seas, was wide and squat, with deep blue skin that faded to pale gold at throat and bared belly. Lank blond hair hung unbound from his broad, almost flat pate. And in Mael's amber eyes, sizzling rage." - (MT, ukmmpb, p. 26)



"...Mael's chosen beast of the sea is the shark." - Torvald Nom - (HoC, UK - ukmmpb, p.222) 


The priest of Elder Mael

dreams rising seas...


Sethand  (DG ukmmpb)


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