Magic and the Warrens

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Magic and the Warrens


Warrens are the realms from which mages, priests, shamans, and those species who may all use magic draw their power. TStructurally they are no different from the realms in which various races live (i.e. the Tiste each have a realm of their own), and may in our terms be described as universes with an excess of energy.

When a mage wishes to use magical power, he or she 'opens' a warren (most can only access one or two) by willing into being a portal through which the magical energy flows.

"Touched. Common slang for anyone who knew the Warrens. The skills to access them could be taught, but it was much more common for someone to just be born with it - the Talent. -Temper on magic. -(NoK, UK mmpb, p.74)

Warrens and Hold magic

"Unlike the sorcery that prevailed on this continent until recently, Preda, magic everywhere else exists in a more formalized state.  The power, so raw here, is elsewhere refined, aspected, organized into something like themes, and these themes are what we call warrens.  Many are accessible to mortals and gods alike; others are –"  and he glanced at Bugg – "Elder.  Some are virtually extinct, or inaccessible due to ignorance or deliberate rituals of sealing.  Some, in addition, are claimed and ruled over by elements either native to those warrens, or so fundamentally related to them as to make the distinction meaningless."  - Quick Ben (DoD)


Warrens - General Information




Magical Phenomena




Spirit Magic

Spirit Magic - General Info and References

Manifestations of Spirit Magic

Wickan Reiteration

Circle of Seasons, Seven Cities Divination Ceremony


Sympathetic Magic

Manifestations of Sympathetic Magic


The Elder Warrens



The Paths


  • D'riss, The Path of the Earth
  • Denul, The Path of Healing
  • Hood's Path, The Path of Death
  • Meanas, The Path of Shadow and Illusion
  • Mockra, The Path of the Mind
  • Rashan, The Path of Darkness
  • Ruse, The Path of the Sea
  • Serc, The Path of the Sky
  • Telas, The Path of Fire
  • Tennes, The Path of the Land
  • Thyr, The Path of Light


Other Warrens



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