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Malaz Island

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Malaz Island


Malaz Island is a large island that is now a part of the Malazan Empire.


"...abandoning the island to the fisherman, the cliff rookeries, and the seal colony south at Benaress Rocks."

NoK, UK mmpb, p.61


"That fool, Surly, trying to outlaw magery on the island. Why didn't she stop to consider why the island should be such a hotbed of talent? Wind-whistlers, sea-soothers, wax-witches, warlocks, Dragons deck readers. You name it. The Riders dared not come within hundreds of leagues."

NoK, UK mmpb, p.245


"You may choose to stand aside, Tayschrenn," Agayla observed. 'Malaz would fall, no longer a barrier forestalling the Riders expanse. That is the ancient worry, is it not? That free of the confines of the strait, they would dominate the seas? A menace to all?"

NoK, UK mmpb, p.361




Malaz City






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