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Malazan 14th Army - The Bonehunters

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Malazan 14th Army



The Malazan 14th Army was comissioned in Aren in 1164 under the command of Adjunct Tavore Paran with the objective of defeating the armies of the Apocalypse and reconquering Seven Cities.


The exploits of the 14th Army, especially the 8th Legion, form a key narrative throughout the novels House of ChainsThe Bonehunters and Reaper's Gale.

The Malazan army mustering in Aren is nothing but three paltry legions of recruits. Commanded by a woman devoid of any relevant experience. -Heboric to Felisin Younger - (HoC UK Mmpb, p.240)


The Bonehunters


14th army – HoC p.493

A finger bone, hollowed out and hung from a leather thong

Standard : A grimy, thin-limbed figure holding a bone aloft, the details in shades of dun colours that were barely visible on the yellow ochre field, the border a woven braid of the imperial magenta and dark grey.




Among the untried recruits of the Fourteenth Army, fully half originated

from the continent of Quon Tali, the very centre of the empire. Young

and idealistic, they stepped onto blood-soaked ground, in the wake of the

sacrifices made by their fathers and mothers, their grandfathers and

grandmothers. It is the horror of war that, with each newly arrived

generation, the nightmare is reprised by innocents.

The Sha’ik Rebellion, Illusions of Victory

Imrygyn Tallobant

HoC, UK MMPB, p.267


A marching song of the Bonehunters



Coltaine rattles slow

across the burning land.

The wind howls through the bones

of his hate-ridden command.

Coltaine leads a chain of dogs

ever snapping at his hand.


Coltaine's fist bleeds the journey home

along rivers of red-soaked sand.

His train howls through his bones

in spiteful reprimand.

Coltaine leads a chain of dogs

ever snapping at his hand.


A Marching Song of The Bonehunters


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