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Malazan 2nd Army

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Malazan 2nd Army



At the start of GotM, this army is besieging Pale. Tattersail commands the mage cadre, Dujek Onearm is in overall command. Imperial High Mage Tayschrenn is attached to this army during the events of GotM, as are the Bridgeburners. The Second Army was disbanded and assimilated into the 5th Army.



"...one of the 2nd Army - the oldest intact force, one of the Emperor' s own."


- thoughts of Tattersail

GotM, US HC, p.64

"Most of the 2nd, 5th and 6th Armies had been recruited from the Seven Cities subcontinent."


GotM, US HC, p.96

"The 2nd and 6th Armies had formed ranks on the plain, weapons bared and awaiting the call to advance on the city when the time came. Seven thousand veterans and four thousand recruits."


- preparing to assault Pale

GotM, UK mmpb p.72

"'Ninth Squad, the Second.'


'Ninth?' The breath hissed from her teeth. 'Your Bridgeburners.'"


GotM, US HC, p.59

"'There's pressure,' the High Fist continued slowly, 'to disband the Bridgeburners. I've already recieved the order to merge the Second with the Fifth and Sixth. We'll stand as the Fifth, near full complement."


- Dujek Onearm

GotM, US HC, p.118



Mage Cadre


"The burgundy cloak with its silver emblem betokening her command of the 2nd Army’s wizard cadre..."


- description of Tattersail

GotM, UK Trade p.40, UK mmpb p.52'

"'Always an even trade, Sorceress.' The man snapped a second salute, this one sharper, and its way more personal. Years and years of this. Insisting I'm family to them, one of the 2nd Army - the oldest intact force, one of the Emperor's own. Always an even trade, Sorceress. Save our skins, we'll save yours. Family, after all. Why, the, do I always fel so estranged from them?"


- thoughts of Tattersail

GotM, UK Trade p.47, UK mmpb p.63

"...her meagre cadre. At full strength, six mages should have been arrayed behind her, but there were only two."


- Tattersail muses about her cadre.

GotM, UK mmpb p.72


Seven must be the standard for a Malazan Mage Cadre.



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