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Malazan Weapons and Armour

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Steven Erikson: Malazan weapons and armour. No real plate armour. Banded or scaled or chain. Longswords are more Norse or Saxon than a spartha. Normally one-handed. Longknives are usually single-edged, with a slight downward taper beginning two-thirds of the way down. Thin-bladed, the blade itself about thirty inches long.(Q and A with malazanempire No 1 (2003))


Malazan Longsword


"The Malazan longsword's basic design and manufacture is originally Untan, from the imperial mainland.  Three centuries old, at least, maybe longer.  The empire still uses the Untan foundries and they're a conservative bunch."

 "Well, if the damned things do what they're supposed to do, why make changes?"

 "That seems to be the thinking, yes.  The locals have gone mad folding and refolding – trying to capture that rough solidity, but the Untan smiths are in the habit of working iron not hot enough.  It's also red iron that they're using – the Untan Hills are rotten with it even though it's rare everywhere else." - Barathol - (TtH)


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