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Mallick Rel

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Mallick Rel



Steven Erikson: Mallick Rel. A Jhistal is both a title and a people, more the former now than the latter. We'll see more of him. (Q and A with malazanempire No 2 (2003))



'Mallick Rel, his fat, soft hands folded together and resting on his paunch, his skin the colour of oiled leather and smelling of Aren perfumes...A Jhistal priest of the Elder god of the seas, Mael...his Gedorian Falari accent...his green-dyed teeth.'  - (DG, UK MMPB, p.48-9)


'...Sha’ik. My mother. The camp is a snakepit, seething with dissent. You have missed the last spitting frenzy. Mother has banished Mallick Rel and Pullyk Alar. Cast them out' - Felisin Younger to Heboric - (HoC UK Mmpb, p.241)


Jhistal :  'A high priest of an Elder God who employs human blood in ritual magic - (Elder equivalent of Destriant)' - (BH UK TPB Glossary)


“In this way,”  Mallick Rel said, spreading his hands,  “necessity is an economic matter, yes?  That an ignorant and backward people must be eradicated is sad, indeed, but alas, inevitable.”

“You would well know of that,”  Tavore said to him.  “The Gedorian Falari cult of the Jhistal was eradicated in a similar manner by Emperor Kellanved, after all.  Presumably you are among the very few survivors from that time.”(BH)


Jhistal Master -- most of the Hand on its way down from Mock’s Hold belonged to the phantom Black Glove that was the name of Mallick Rel’s spectral organization.  In truth, there was no way of telling just how many of the Imperial Claw had been turned -- each agent was aware of but three others, forming a discrete cell -- in itself a classic Claw structure. (BH)


Rell's rise to power


Kilmandaros :  

“Perhaps Mael thinks our time is done, but then, why has he insured that his worship is on the ascent?  That a Jhistal Priest of Mael now rises to take the throne of the most powerful empire this world has seen since the time of Kallor and Dessimbelackis?  Who among us has proved the witless one this day?"(DoD)


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