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Name: Meese

Pseudonyms: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Race: Human (Daru)

Appearance: Large, rough-looking

Further Info: Proprietor the Phoenix Inn



Meese, proprietor of the Phoenix Inn

TtH, Dramatis Personae


"The woman Irilta called Meese appeared beside her, thumping two broad forearms down on the bar as she leaned forward..."

GotM, US HC, p.267


"...a large, beefy woman stepped out from a shadowed niche and confronted him."

GotM, US HC, p.362


"Kruppe took a mouthful of the dark magenta wine - a council a bottle, no less - and swirled it in his mouth until all the various bits of pie were dislodged from the innumerable crevasses between his teeth, whereupon he leaned to one side and spat on the floor. 'Ah.' He smiled across at Meese. 'Much better, yes?'

'I'll take payment for that bottle right now,' she said. 'That way I can leave before I have to witness one more abuse of such an exquisite vintage.'

'Why, has Kruppe's credit so swiftly vanished? Decided entirely upon an untoward breaking of fast this particular morning?'

'It's the insults, you fat pig, piled one on another until it feels I'm drowning in offal.' She bared her teeth. 'Offal in a red waistcoat.'

'Aaii, vicious jab. Kruppe is struck to the heart . . . and,' he added, reaching once more for the dusty bottle, 'has no choice but to loose said constricture of the soul with yet another tender mouthful.'

Meese leaned forward. 'If you spit that out, Kruppe, I will wring your neck.' -Meese and Kruppe

TtH, US TPB, p.71


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