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Name: Menandore

Pseudonym: Sister Dawn

Age: Elder




Further Info: An Elder ascendant, Soletaken, spawn of Tiam and Osserc, sister to Sukul Ankhadu, half-sister to Sheltatha Lore,  Mother to Ryad Eleis




'She blazed, blinding white. A sword flickering like lightning in one hand. In the other, a double-bladed axe that dripped something molten in its wake. The horse— Naught but bones, bound by fire...The woman was masked in flat, featureless gold. A headdress of arching, gilt scales rose like hackles about her head...Daughter Dawn. Menandore—...When she spoke, her voice was like the hissing of a thousand snakes.' - (MT, UK Trade, p.79-80)


Silchas glanced back at the sudden inferno.  "You are indeed your mother's son, Ryad."

 He shrugged.  "I was tired of being chilled."  He then looked across at Silchas.  "Was she an Ancient Eleint?"

"The first few generations of Soletaken count among the Ancients, yes.  T'iam's blood was at its purest then, but that purity is shortlived." -(TCG)





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