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Name: Messremb





Further Info: Soletaken

Soletaken Form: A huge Brown Bear


Messremb, a Soletaken

DG, Dramatis Personae


'a massive brown bear...a moment later the sembling was complete, and a man strode towards them, naked and pale...When masked, the Soletaken was huge, powerful, a mass of muscle - yet now, in his human form, Messremb stood no more than five feet in height, was almost hairless and thin to the point of emaciation, narrow-faced and shovel-toothed. His small eyes, the colour of garnet, shone within wrinkled nests of humour that drew his mouth into a grin'

DG, UK MMPB, p.107-8


my other companion, Messremb - where has he gone? A kind soul, twisted by madness, yet so loyal, ever loyal...

- Treach

MoI, UK MMPB, p.314


"Tremorlor laid claim to both shapeshifters as roots snaked out, wrapping around the newcomers. The two beasts now faced each other on their respective walls - their eternal resting places. The Soletaken bear, blood gushing from the stump at the end of one limb, struggled on, but even its prodigous strength was useless against the otherworldly might of the Azath and the arm that held it, now tightening. Messremb's constricted throat struggled to find air. The red rims around its dark-brown eyes took on a bluish cast, the eyes bulging from their damp, streaked nests of fur.


'see that stranger's arm crushing the life from him - do you understand? Not an eternal prison for Messremb. Hood will take him - death will take him, as it did the enkar'al. . .'"

DG, UK mmpb, p.743


Attributed Works


The Path of Hands


And all came to imprint

Their passage

On the path,

To scent the dry winds

Their cloying claim

To ascendancy

The Path of Hands


DG, US HC, p 33


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