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Name: Mhybe


Age: Unknown

Race: human, Rhivi


Further info: The vessel for Silverfox.


The Mhybe, matron of the Rhivi Tribes

MoI, Dramatis Personae


'middle aged, heavy with child. Her dark, round face bore features similar to Pran Chole's though less pronounced'.....

'she swept back the thick woven robe she wore, revealing her swelled stomach. The bare, stretched skin had been recently traced in a tattoo. The image was that of a white-haired fox'

'Less than a season past, the Mhybe had been a young woman, not yet wedded.'

GotM, uk mmpb p. 354


'The Mhybe's dark eyes glistened from within their nest of wrinkles'

MoI uk mmpb p. 104


'Her mother had been a reader of bones, gifted with the ability to hold the people’s entire repository of memories – every lineage, reaching back to the Dying Spirit’s Tear. And her father had held the Spear of War, first against the White Face Barghast, then against the Malazan Empire. She missed them both, deeply, yet understood how their deaths, and her own defiance of accepting a man’s touch, had together conspired to make her the ideal choice in the eyes of the host of spirits. An untethered vessel, a vessel in which to place two shattered souls – one beyond death and the other held back from death through ancient sorceries, two identities braided together – a vessel that would be used to feed the unnatural child thus created. Among the Rhivi, who travelled with the herds and raised no walls of stone or brick, such a container, intended for a singular use after which it would be discarded, was called a mhybe, and so she had found herself a new name, and now every truth of her life was held within it.'

MoI, UK Trade, p.66, UK mmpb, p.104


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