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Name: Moby




Appearance:... small winged monkey


Soletaken Form: Bhok'aral

Further Info: Mammot's familiar. Now Tremorlor's new guardian.


Moby, a familiar

DG, Dramatis Personae


"On Uncle Mammot's shoulder squatted a small winged monkey, whose glittering half-mad gaze followed the young thief's dart across the room to the window opposite the door."

GotM, US HC, p.145


"Moby chirped and stuck out its red tongue at him from Mammot's desk."

GotM, US HC, p.368


'Soletaken, you mean!'


'He'd thought he'd found the Path, thought that what called him here was the ancient promise of Ascendancy - and in a way, Moby was right in thinking that. The bhok'aral there in your hands Crokus, is demonic. In true form, it could hold you as you now hold it.'


'Tremorlor needed a new guardian.'

DG, UK mmpb, p.811


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