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Name: Mok



Race: Seguleh



Further Info: Seguleh warrior - formerly ranked 3rd in the Seguleh hierarchy


Mok, a Seguleh

MoI, Dramatis Personae


'Senu's enamelled face-covering was crowded with dark-stained patterns, such decoration diminished successively in the other two examples. One was only slightly less marked than Senu's, but the third mask bore naught but twin slashes, one on each gleaming white cheek. The eyes that stared out from the slits of this mask were like chips of obsidian'

MoI, uk mmpb, p.67


'...all knew Jan's feelings regarding Mok, his elder brother, who volunteered to silence those disrespectful Pannions. And who returned...changed. Broken.'

OCT, US mmpb, p.84-5


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