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Mott Irregulars

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Mott Irregulars


A mercenary company from Mott Wood, serving Caladan Brood and Prince K'azz D'Avore


'...the Mott Irregulars, a strangely ineffectual-looking company of mercenaries attached to Caladan Brood’s army...Mercenaries whose backwoods garb belied the martial profession, yet perfectly suited the company’s name.' (MoI, UK Trade, p.649)


'...the seven hundred and twenty-two Mott Irregulars...'(MoI, UK Trade, p.872)



Whiskeyjack om the Mott Irregulars:


'Something vaguely resembling a mercenary company, Warchief. Woodcutters and farmers, for the most part. Created by accident – by us Malazans, in fact. We’d just taken the city of Oraz and were marching west to Mott – which promptly surrendered with the exception of the outlanders in Mott Wood. Dujek didn’t want a company of renegades preying on our supply lines with us pushing ever inland, so he sent the Bridgeburners into Mott Wood with the aim of hunting them down. A year and a half later and we were still there. The

Irregulars were running circles around us. And the times they’d decided to stand and fight, it was as if some dark swamp god possessed them – they bloodied our noses more than once. Did the same to the Gold Moranth. Eventually, Dujek pulled us out, but by then the Mott Irregulars had been contacted by Brood. He drew them into his army. In any case ...they’re a deceptive bunch, keep coming back like a bad infestation of gut-worms – which we’ve learned to live with.’(MoI, UK Trade, p.745)


Ben Adaephon Delat on the Mott Irregulars:


'Swamp-snuffling warlocks. With bits of bark in their hair. Get them into a forest and you won’t find them unless they want you to. Those Bole brothers, they’re the worst of the lot, though I’ve heard that there’s a lone sister among them who you wouldn’t want to meet, ever.’(MoI, UK Trade, p.873)



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