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Name: Nightchill

Pseudonyms: Sister of Cold Nights

Age: 300,000+ years

Race: Elder Goddess

Appearance: tall and black-haired

Warren: Unknown

Further Info: An Elder Goddess, masquerading as a High Mage to the Malazan Empress. Killed at the Siege of Pale, and subsequently resurrected in the form of Silverfox.


Nightchill, High Sorceress to the Empress

GotM, Dramatis Personae


Sister of Cold Nights, an Elder Goddess
MoI, Dramatis Personae
"Nightchill, raven-haired, tall, imperious and with a cruel streak the old Emperor used to drool over. At her side her life-long companion, Bellurdan..."

GotM, UK Trade p.54, UK mmpb p.72


"I was under the impression that you had abandoned your. . .old self. Walking among the mortals, playing the role of middling sorceress - such a deadly risk, though perhaps this is what entices you so to the mortal game. You've stood on fields of battles, woman."

MoI, UK mmpb, p.38


"All three are old hands at this kind of stuff (the Siege of Pale). Back in the days of the Emperor they each commanded a company of Adepts – when the Empire had enough mages in the ranks to form actual companies. A’Karonys climbed through the ranks in the Falari Campaign, and Bellurdan and Nightchill were from before even then – came down from Fenn on the Quon mainland during the unification wars.

'All old hands,' Tattersail mused, 'as you said. None have been active lately though, have they? Their last campaign was Seven Cities -'


"Nightchill and Bellurdan were told to report to Nathilog, left sitting on their hands for the past six, seven years -'"

- Calot on Nightchill

GotM, UK Trade p.54-5, UK mmpb p.73


"...twin balls of blue fire raced upwards from the centre hill."

- sorcery launched from central hill during assault on Moon's Spawn. Not consistent with A'Karonys, so this is either Nightchill or Bellurdan's magic. It may even have been one ball from both. (UK mmpb p.75)


Kallor's Curse


"And as for you, woman, unhuman hands shall tear your body into pieces, upon a field of battle, yet you shall know no respite - thus my curse upon you, Sister of Cold Nights."

MoI, UK mmpb, p.40




"She watched as a Kenryll'ah demon arose beneath Nightchill. Laughing shrilly, the towering, gaunt creature tore Nightchill limb from limb. It had begun feeding by the time Bellurdan arrived. The Thelomen bellowed as the demon raked its knife-like talons against his chest. Ignoring the wounds around his head and the blood that sprayed from them, he closed his hands around the demon's head and crushed it."

- death of Nightchill.

GotM, UK mmpb p.77


Note that this occurs before the death of A'Karonys in the text. See this FAQ for full discussion.


"Bellurdan, most of his clothing burned away and his flesh scorched red, remained on the centre hill, collecting Nighchill's scattered limbs and raising his voice in a mournful wail. The sight, in all its horror and pathos, struck Tattersail's heart like a hammer on an anvil. Quickly she turned away. 'Damn you, Tayschrenn.'"

GotM, UK mmpb p.78


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