Olar Ethil

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Olar Ethil


Name: Olar Ethil

Race: T'lan Imass

Warren: Tellann

Further Info: First Bonecaster, Eleint, First Soletaken,  Matron of all the Bonecasters, mother to an entire race (DoD) 


Olar Ethil, a T'lan Imass Bonecaster,the First Bonecaster and First Soletaken, Maker of the Ritual of Tellann


Description as a Soletaken Eleint


"The figure...was hugely boned, the skull beneath the thin, withered flesh bestial. She wore a scaled, leathery cloak of skin that hung down to the ground behind her. Unadorned by a helm, the broad, flat skull revealed only a few remaining patches of skin that each bore but a few strands of long, white hair. ‘Olar Ethil...First among the Bonecasters. Eleint, the First Soletaken.'"-  (MoI)


"The dragon came low to the earth. It defied every image of a draconian being Kulp had ever seen. Not Rake. Not Osric. Hugely boned, with skin like dry shark-hide, its wing-span dwarfed even that of the Son of Darkness - who had within him the blood of the draconian goddess - and the wings had nothing of the smooth, curving grace; the bones were multi-jointed in a crazed pattern, like that of a crushed bat wing, each knobbed joint prominent beneath taut, cracked skin. The dragon's head was as wide as it was long, like a viper's, the eyes high on the skull. There was no ridged forehead, instead skull sloped back to a basal serration almost buried in neck and jaw muscles.

A dragon roughly cast, a creature exhaling an aura of primordial antiquity. And, Kulp realized with a breathless start as his senses devoured all that the creature projected, it was undead." - (DG UKTPB, p.311)


Description as a T'lan Imass


"The figure standing behind him was hugely boned, the skull beneath the thin, withered flesh bestial. She wore a scaled, leathery cloak of skin that hung down to the ground behind her. Unadorned by a helm, the broad, flat skull revealed only a few patches of skin that each bore but a few strands of long, white hair.

'Olar Ethil', Ay Estos said. 'First among the Bonecasters. Eleint. The First Soletaken. She has not journeyed with me, for Logros set for her another task, which has taken her far from the clans. Until this day, we among the Logros had not seen Olar Ethil in many years. (...)

The First Bonecaster tilted her head, then addressed Silverfox." - (MoI,)


She had long ago chosen the body of an Imass woman, wide-hipped, heavy-breasted.  When Knuckles had last seen her, he recalled, she was still mortal.  He remembered the strange headgear she had worn, for all the world like a woven corded basket.  With no holes for her eyes, or her mouth.  Matron of all the Bonecasters, mother to an entire race.  But even mothers have secrets.


She no longer wore the mask.  Nor much in the way of flesh.  Desiccated, little more than sinews and bone.  A T'lan Imass.  Snakeskin webbing hung from her shoulders, to which various mysterious objects had been tied – holed pebbles, nuggets of uncut gems, bone tubes that might be whistles or curse-traps, soul-catchers of hollowed antler, a knotted bundle of tiny dead birds.  A roughly-made obsidian knife was tucked in her cord belt.


Her smile was an inadvertent thing, the teeth oversized and stained deep amber.  Nothing glittered from the sockets of her eyes.

"How did it go again?"  Sechul asked her.  "Your mother's lover and child both?  Just how did you beget yourself, Olar Ethil?" (DoD)


Olar Ethil and the Ritual of Tellann


“Bonecaster,"  Ryadd said, adding a faint bow to the title,  "I know your name.  I know you are the Maker of the Ritual of Tellann.  That without you, all the will of the Imass would have achieved nothing.  The One Voice was yours.  You took a people and stole from them death itself." (DoD)  


"She is the oldest true Bonecaster of all, Olar Ethil.  The others ceased to grow once they surrendered to the Ritual.  And look at yourself – the same is true.  You are only what you once were, that and nothing more.  If Kilava wishes to remain undetected, so it shall be.  You do not rule this world, Olar Ethil.  You surrendered that privilege long ago, with your very own Ritual." (DoD) 



Other References


"Gesler pointed forward and Kulp turned to see the vague, ghostly apparition of the dragon, its narrow, bony tail waving in side-to-side rhythm like a snake crossing sand. As he watched, the creature's wedge-shaped head appeared as it twisted to cast its dead, black eye sockets in their direction." - (DG, UK mmpb, p.440)


"The enormous undead dragon rose silently from its perch on the mesa's summit, wings spreading to glow with the sun's light, even as the membrane dimmed the colour that reached through. Black, flat eyes galnced down at the two figures scrambling towards the cliff face.

The attention was momentary. Then an ancient warren opened before the soaring creature, swallowed it whole, then vanished." - (DG,)


"'When I veer, I am as an undead twin to Tiam, who spawned all dragons'" - (MoI,  )


"Something hard and vicious struck (the Mhybe's) hip, glanced away. Air buffeted her hard. Then the hard intrusion was back - talons closing around her waist, scaled, cold as death. (...)

An undead dragon loomed above her, impossible huge. Desiccated flaps of skin trailing from its limbs, its almost translucent wings thundering, the creature was bearing her away." - (MoI,)


"'To have so commanded the greatest of Bonecasters (...)" - (MoI,  )


"Olar Ethil, Kilava Onas, Monok Ochem, Hentos Ilm, Tem Benasto, Ulpan Nodost, Tenag Ilbaie, Ay Estos, Absin Tholai…the bonecasters of the Logros T’lan Imass. ... Olar Ethil seeks the other armies of the T’lan Imass – for the summons was heard by all." - (HoC,)



"I am not defied by choice.  Draconus – within Dragnipur it's not likely he hears anything.  Grizzin Farl is, I think, dead.  His corporeal flesh is no more."  He hesitated, and then added with a scowl,  "Ardata alone has managed to evade me, but she was never of much use anyway, was she?" 

 "Then where –" 

 "I see one,"  Kilmandaros said, pointing to the north.  "Taste of the blood, she was wise to take that shape!  But oh, I can smell the stench of Eleint upon her!" 

 "Restrain yourself,"  Errastas said.  "She's been dead too long for you to smell anything." 

 "I said –" 

 "You imagine, nothing more.  Tiam's daughter did not outlive her mother – this thing has embraced the Ritual of Telann – she is less than she once was." (DoD) 



"You are a fool.  From my ancient blood ran every stream of Soletaken and D'ivers.  And my blood, ah, it was but half Imass, perhaps even less.  I am old beyond your imagining, warrior.  Older than this world.  I lived in darkness, I walked in purest light, I cast curses upon shadow.  My hands were chipped stone, my eyes spawned the first fires to huddle round, my legs spread to the first mortal child.".........."So many names … Eran'ishal, Mother to the Eres'al – my first and most sentimental of choices."  She seemed to flinch.  "Rath Evain to the Forkrul Assail.  Stone Bitch to the Jaghut.  I have had a face in darkness, a son in shadow, a bastard in light.  I have been named the Mother Beneath the Mountain, Ayala Alalle who tends the Gardens of the Moon, forever awaiting her lover.  I am Burn the Sleeping Goddess, in whose dreams life flowers unending, even as those dreams twist into nightmares.  I am scattered to the very edge of the Abyss, possessor of more faces than any other Elder."  


"Perhaps,"  he(Torrent) said,  "you were once all those things, Olar Ethil.  But not any more.  It's all torn away from you, isn't it?  Scattered and lost, when you gave up life – when you chose to become this thing of bones –" (DoD) 







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