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Omtose Phellack

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Omtose Phellack


The Elder Warren and Hold of Ice. It is used primarily by the Jaghut. It is assaulted.



'The Warrens of the Imass are similar to those of the Jaghut and the Forkrul Assail – Elder-, blood- and earthbound –' GotM, UK Trade, p.204

'...the cold, almost airless realm of Omtose Phellack.' - MoI, UK Trade, p.252


Inside Omtose Phellack


'The steep, jagged walls of ice to either side bathed him (Gethol) in blue-green light...the power he sensed around him was weakened, damaged by millennia of breaches, the effrontery of T’lan. Like the Jaghut themselves, Omtose Phellack was dying. A slow, wasting death.' - MoI, UK Trade, p.252


'Omtose Phellack...The T’lan Imass long ago breached it. And now, whenever it is unveiled, they know about it. They know where, and they come . . .’ - Quick Ben  - MoI, UK Trade, p.859


'Rotten, blood-smeared ice formed a shattered cliff...The ice was full of bodies, human-shaped figures, twisted and flesh-torn. Organs and entrails were spilled out at the base as if from a giant abattoir. Slowly melting chunks of blood-soaked ice created a lake from whivh body parts jutted or rose in islands humped and slick...'

'What sorcery did this?'

'Jaghut. To stem the tides of invading humans, they raised ice. Sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly, as their strategy dictated. In places it swallowed entire continents, obliterating all that once stood upon them. Forkrul Assail civilizations, the vast mechanisms and edifices of the K'Chain Che'Malle, and of course the squalid huts of those who would one day inherit the world. The highest of Omtose Phellack, these rituals never die, Historian. Even now, one is born anew on a distant land, and those rivers of ice fill my dreams, for they are destined to create vast upheaval, and death in numbers unimaginable...Think of all such ice holds...Looters of tombs find riches, but wise hunters of power seek...ice.' - a conversation between Sormo E'nath and Duiker - DG, UK MMPB, p.428-9




"The object you seek is called a Finnest. Within it is stored the Jaghut Tyrant's powers. It is perhaps best described as a self-contained Omtose Phellack Warren." - GotM, US HC, p.388




"Perhaps,"  Emroth continued,  "for some, oblivion was not what they found.  Dragged down into the Jaghut underworld, the Jaghut realm of death.  A place without the war, without, perhaps, the Ritual itself." (RG)


This is the Jaghut underworld – shouldn't it be filled with Jaghut?  Their souls?  Their spirits?"

The Jaghut do not believe in souls, Ghost." _Emroth to Hedge - (HoC)



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