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Name: Orfantal

Pseudonyms: none

Age: unknown

Race: Tiste Andii

Appearance: Black dragon in his Soletaken form

Warren: Kurald Galain

Further info: Tiste Andii night-hunter , Soletaken Eleint, Brother to Korlat and blood-kin to Serrat, Korlat's second in MoI (MoI, US HB, p.652)  Son of Sandalath Drukorlat


A GotMism in early versions of GotM meant that Orfantal apparently changed sex from female in Gardens, to male in MOI, this was later corrected in the Tor version of GotM, with Orfantal becoming male in Gardens as well. See Why does Orfantal apparently change sex between GotM and MoI, for more information.

First appearance in GotM, probably as one of the black dragons battling Raest, the Jaghut Tyrant. Argues with Korlat as to whether they should summon Anomander Rake to destroy the new Azath house. (GotM, US HB, p.453)


Orfantal, a night-hunter - (GotM, Dramatis Personae)


Orfantal, Korlat's brother - (MoI, Dramatis Personae)




"Orfantal was veering, there before the now marching Malazan forces, black, blossoming outward, wings spreading, sinuous neck lifting - a thudding pulsation of sorcery and the dragon was in the air, climbing -" - (MoI, US HB, p.715)


"Head twisting, she glanced at her brother flying beside her, guarding her flank. Orfantal bore wounds, yet did not waver, his power and will still formidable weapons should any surprises rise up to challenge them."- (MoI, US HB, p.733)




"In his Soletaken form, her brother was second only to Rake himself." - (MoI, US HB, p.691-2)


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