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Name: Osserc

Pseudonyms: Osric, Osseric, Osserick, Liossercal, Lord of the Sky, Champion of High House Light

Age: Hundreds of thousands of years old

Race: Tiste Liosan Eleint Soletaken

Appearance: Tall, white skin, silver hair streaked with gold.

Warren: Kurald Thyrllan

Further Info: Champion of High House Light, Father of Menandore and Sukul AnkhaduOsserc, Lord of the Sky - (GotM, Glossary)


"He was pure Liosan in appearance, tall and pale as snow, his long wavy hair silver and streaked with gold. His eyes seemed to rage with an inner fire, its tones a match to his hair, silver licked by gold. He was wearing plain grey leathers, the sword at his belt virtually identical to the one L'oric carried."  - (HoC, UK TPB, p.606)


He walked just one pace behind, and slightly to the right of, a slim pale figure who wore layered thick robes that dragged on the ground behind.  Long white hair hung to the middle of his back.  The man's similarities to the Magus, the Wind Spirit upon the Spur, made Kyle's eyes well with suppressed emotion, but there were differences as well; this man was not as powerfully built and he seemed taller. - (RotCG, US mmpb, p.543)


She halted, looked up to see a white-skinned figure perched atop one of the mounds.  Gold hair hanging long, loose, hinting of deep shades of crimson.  A white-bladed two-handed sword leaned against one side of his chest, the multifaceted crystal pommel flashing in the brightness.  He took many forms, this creature.  Some pleasant, others – like this one – like a spit of acid in her eyes. - Kilmandaros - (DoD)



"Osserc's form blurred, shifted, unfolded to find a new shape. Huge, glittering gold and silver scales rippling as wings spread wide. A surge of power, and the enormous dragon was in the air." - (MT, UK TPB, p.197)


"Like Anomander Rake, Osric was more dragon than anything else. They were kin in blood, if not in personality." - (HoC, UK TPB, p.609)



"'[Anomander Rake and Osserc's] alliance fell apart becuse of a growing mutual dislike. The disaster with Draconus probably delivered the death-blow. Imagine, falling for a woman's wiles - a daughter of Draconus at that! Was Osserc not even remotely suspicious of [Sister Spite's] motives?'" -Crone to Baruk  - (TtH, US TPB, p.45)


Anomander Rake: "A thousand years is not so long a time, Alchemist. Not so long a time. Icarium. last visited me eight hundred years ago, in the company of the Trell Mappo, and Osric - or Osserc, as the local worshippers call him.' Rake smiled bitterly. 'Osric and I argued, as I recall, and it was all Brood could do to keep us apart. It was an old argument."    - (GotM, US Digital, p. 636)


"There is no death in light." Anarmann, High Priest of Osserc  - (HoC, UK TPB, p.597)


Current Location


Onrack : "The one named Osseric is . . . lost.  Osric, as humans know him.  No, I do not know the source of Monok Ochem’s knowledge in this matter.  Thus, the hand behind the seneschal’s power is probably not Osseric, but some other entity, hidden behind the guise and the name of Osseric.  Yet these Tiste Liosan proceed unawares.’ -  (HoC)




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