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Name: Panek



Race: human in all but appearance



Further Info:...


Panek, a child - (DG, Dramatis Personae)


"She stood erect, her single forelimb clutching the limp body of a young boy. Blood dripped from his hands and feet, and his face had been horribly chewed and pecked, leaving him eyeless and with a gaping red hole were his nose had been. Faint breaths from fevered, shallow lungs showed in misty plumes that drifted forlonly in the clearing." - (DG, UK mmpb, p.475)
'Black, three-limbed, a jutting shoulder blade like a cowl behind a long-necked head, a grinning jaw crowded with fangs, and a single, flat black eye that glistened wetly. Even more terrifying was the humanoid figure that sat behind that shoulder blade, its face a mocking mimicry of the beast it rode, the lips peeled back to reveal daggerlike fangs as long as a toddler's fingers, its lone eye flashing.' - (DG, UK MMPB, p.533)


"The boy's head jerked back, bones altering shape, the twin gaping orbits merging to form a single layer one above a nose bridge that branched to either side, then ran up the outer edge of the socket in a thin, raised edge. An eye to match the demon's blurred into existence...His frail body shook with the trauma of forced healing, and an eternity nailed to a cross, but his ghastly face showed a slightly ironic smile in a line that perfectly matched the demon's." - (DG, UK mmpb, p.477)




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