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Quon Tali

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Quon Tali - continent


A continent that is home to the Malazan Empire.


Quon Tali Home continent of the Malazan Empire

GotM, Glossary


"The lieutenant Ranal was a tall man, his Quon blood the purest it could be; fair-skinned, his cheekbones high and wide, his nose straight and long, his mouth full."

HoC, UK MMPB, p.271


"He remembered how the council of nobles of Quon Tali province fared after sealing a deal with Kellanved. They were rounded up and beheaded."

NoK, UK mmpb, p.413


"'A large ship sat motionless...It had twin banks of oars, hanging down listlessly. A single rudder was visible. There were three masts, the main and fore both rigged with tattered square sails, the mizzen mast with the shredded remnants of a lateen...'That's a Quon dromon. Pre-Imperial.'

DG, UK MMPB, p.329



Itko Kan

Wickan Plains

Fenn Mountains

Dal Hon





Li Heng


Quon Tali







Kartool Bay


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