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Rashan, The Path of Darkness


A warren accessible to humans, connected to Kurald Galain.


Rashan and Meanas. The names are strangely interchangeable depending on where you are. Seven Cities, for example, has a different take than Quon Tali. Darkness and Shadow are obviously linked, and besides, humans are bad at settling semantic distinctions (cf world religions). - Steven Erikson - Q and A with malazanempire No 2 (2003)


The art of Rashan is found in the tension that binds the

games of light, yet its aspect is one of dissipation—

the creation of shadow and of dark, although in this

case the dark is not absolute, such as is the aspect of

the ancient warren, Kurald Galain. No, this dark is

particular, for it exists, not through an absence of

light, but by virtue of being seen.


The Mysteries of Rashan – a madman’s discourse

Untural of Lato Revae

HoC, UK Trade, p.376



"...revealed only the lower half of a lined and lean face tattooed with cabalistic characters. Symbols that looked to Temper like the angular script of those who delve the Warren of Rashan, the Path of Darkness." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.62)


"‘hasn’t there always been an accessible Warren of Shadow? Rashan, the Warren of Illusions?’

‘Rashan is a false Warren, Sorceress. A shadow of what it claims to represent, if you’ll excuse my wording. It is itself an illusion. The gods alone know where it came from, or who created it in the first place, or even why...'"  - Tattersail and Quick Ben on Rashan - (GotM, UK Trade, p.97)




‘This is Tiste Edur. You surprise me, Mage. You are Meanas Rashan, which is the branch of Kurald Emurlahn accessible to mortal humans. The warren you use is the child of this place.' -Hentos Ilm to Kulp (DG UK MMPB, p.266)



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