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A Genabackan recruit and Renegade Segulah.


Recruited by Silk while in the Malyntaeas gaol.



"Both he knew by sight were the muscle of Storo's under-strength command...and a fellow named Rell, from Genabackis, slouched in his chair, his greasy black hair hanging down over his face."

RotCG, US mmpb, p.173


"...while Rell, well, that guy was just amazing - none of the squad could figure out why he was wasting his time with them. Storo had tried to promote him more times than Hurl could recall but he wasn't having it. The young fellow would just look away all shamefaced whenever the subject of promotion of commendation came up."

RotCG, US mmpb, p.201


"Swords rang from the dark below followed by a gasp and panting and Hurl knew that couldn't be Rell because he never made a sound when he fought, ever."

RotCG, US mmpb, p.207


"Once again, Hurl saw, the youth had escaped any injury. In all the years campaigning together she'd yet to see him cut. There was something unnatural about that."

RotCG, US mmpb, p.215


Jalor pulled open the doors revealing the backs of four guards who turned, amazed.  Rell lunged, his blades flashing, and the four were down before they could unsheathe their weapons.

Everyone stared, just as stunned.  'I thought you had some kinda code,' Shaky said to Rell.  'Ain't that against your code, then being unarmed 'n' all?'

'They were armed,' answered Rell without even turning.  'They were just slow.'

RotCG, US mmpb p. 226


... only the Captain, Hurl, Sunny and Rell remained standing.  And only Rell was in any shape to fight...

Storo hawked up a mouthful of phlegm and spat.  'No Orlat.  It's you that's got no idea who you're facing.'  The Cap'n nodded to Rell.  'Your turn.  We'll guard your back.  Hold the door, lad.'

The swordsman's eyes were practically shining.  His voice thick with emotion he barely managed, 'You have no idea the gift you have given me...'

RotCG, US mmpb p.228-229


"Through the haze she saw Rell still held the doorway, swords raised. Smoke streamed from his smouldering hair. Somehow, he hadn't even shifted from his ready stance. How was such inhuman discipline possible?"

RotCG, US mmpb, p.232


Hurl was hardly conscious but even she could sense that no man ought to be doing what Rell was managing.  Through the blown gate she saw Talian troops standing still, watching, mouths open...

Through eyes slitted and blurred, she saw that Rell alone now faced the man-beast.  He struck a guard position, one slim blade low, the other high above his head, point down.

RotCG, US mmpb p.681-682


'That soldier,' Toc finally said, 'who faced Ryllandaras.  Have you ever seen the like?'

'Dassem drove him off as well,' Choss said.  'But he was favoured by Hood.'

'I've seen it,' Moss said.

Toc and Choss glanced to the captain.  He shifted uncomfortably in his saddle, touched the raw livid tear across his face.  'Well, not seen exactly.  Had it described to me by someone who had seen it in Genabackis.  That style of fighting.  That fellow, he's Seguleh.'

RotCG, US mmpb p.685



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