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Rhulad Sengar

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Rhulad Sengar


Name: Rhulad Sengar of Hiroth Tribe

Pseudonyms: ...

Age: ...

Race: Tiste Edur

Appearance: Young

Warren: ...

Further info: Youngest son of Tomad and the Sengar brothers. 


A Tiste Edur, third son to Tomar and Uruth Sengar. Brother to Fear, Binadas and Trull Sengar

Emperor of Letheras 

King Of Chains, also Fool of Chains





'flushed pride in his handsome face..'  - (MT UK H,p.42)

'Trull saw the flash of triumph in his clear grey eyes' -  (MT UK HC, p.42)

'The sword’s power had given Rhulad command of the wraiths. The Tiste Andii spirits.' (MT UKTpb, p.368)


We saw the path Rhulad would take.  Saw it when the Emperor banished his own brother -- Gods, I was there, in the Nascent.  I was one of the ‘brothers’ of Rhulad, his new extended family of cowering fawners.  May the Black Winged Lord preserve me, I watched as the one Edur I admired, the one Edur I respected, was broken down.  No, I did more than watch.  I added my voice to Rhulad’s ritual shorning of Trull.  And Trull’s crime?  Why, nothing more than yet one more desperate attempt to bring Rhulad home. - Ahlrada Ahn - (BH)


Year of the Late Frost
One year before the Letherii Seventh Closure
The Ascension of the Empty Hold

Rhulad Sengar, has just emerged victorious in a spar with Midik Buhn on the grounds of the Citadel, when he sees his brother Trull Sengar. Feeling prideful of his victory, he attempts to challenge Trull to a spar, to further strut in front of Fear's bethrothed Mayen, who stands watching with other women from the sidelines. Trull declines, and Mayen begins to leave. Rhulad opens his mouth to speak with her, when Trull calls to him to join him in speaking to their father, Tomad, and the Elders. Honored, Rhulad agrees. Inside, they pass by their mother, Uruth, who is working on their bloodlines tapestry, depicting the Sengar's participation in the War of Unification. They find their father, Tomad, and Trull delivers the news. Rhulad, having an improper outburst is sent to deliver the news to the Warlock King. When Rhulad arrives, he finds word has already spread through the village.  


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