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Sandalath Drukorlat

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Sandalath Drukorlat


A female Tiste Andii  and  Queen of Darkness in Kharkanas, once a Tiste Andii hostage.

Mother of Orfantal and Korlat



As a Tiste Andii wraith in Letheras:-


'A woman, tall as an Edur but midnight-skinned, a reddish glint to her long, unbound hair. Green eyes, tilted and large, a face softer and rounder than Seren would have expected given her height and long limbs. She was wearing a leather harness and leggings, and on her shoulders rode the skin of some white-furred beast.' - (MT TB, p. 454)


‘I was among the first to die in the war,’ the woman said, ‘and so not at the hands of an Edur. They cannot take me, cannot force me to fight for them. I and those like me are beyond their grasp.’ -(MT p.455)


Dying the first time should have been enough. This world was foreign, after all. The gate sealed, swept away. Her husband - if he still lived - was long past his grief. Her daughter, perhaps a mother herself by now, a grandmother.

(MT TB, p. 460)




Oh, husband.  I was a hostage, nothing more.  And then, and then, I lost even that.  "Mother Dark has no time for the likes of me."

"Tell me, what was the purpose of being a hostage?"

He'd caught her thoughts.  She looked away, studied the wreckage-cluttered river sliding under the bridge.  Dark waters… "The First Families sparred.  Power was a wayward tide.  We were the coins they exchanged.  So long as we were never spent, so long as we –"  remained unsullied – "remained as we were, the battles saw little blood.  We became the currency of power."  (DoD)


"She ain't just like them in the wall paintings, Pithy.  She is one of 'em!  I'd swear it!"

"Side room, first one on the left just inside the altar room – the only one without stone beds.  She's in there.  Her and maybe ten others.  They got manacles on their wrists."

"That's right!  One of them!" (DoD)


Blind Gallan


Sandalath, her son's tiny hand held tight within her solid grip, stood looking down on the madman, seeing but not registering all the blood on his face and smeared across the floor – the impossibility of it here at the very threshold to the Teronderai.  He wept, choking on something again and again – yet whatever was in his mouth he would not spit out – and his lips were glistening crimson, his teeth red as cedar chips.

"Mother,"  said her son,  "what's happened?"

 The world changes.  Gallan, you fool.  What you've done does not change it back.  "An accident,"  she replied.  "We must find someone to help –"

 "But why is he eating his eyes?"

 "Go now, find a priestess – quickly, Orfantal!" -(DoD)



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