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Scabandari Bloodeye

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Scabandari Bloodeye


Name:                Scabandari Bloodeye, Scar Bandaris

Pseudonyms:     Scar Bandaris, Father Shadow to the Tiste Edur 

Age:                  300 000+ years

Race:                 Tiste Edur 

Appearance:      "Skin the shade of hammered iron, long grey hair unbound, a gaunt, aquiline face with hard, close-set eyes.

                          A broad, downturned mouth that bore no lines of laughter. High, unlined brow, diagonally scarred livid white against the dusky skin." 

Warren:             Kurald Emuhrlan, Starvald Demelain

Further info:     Elient Soletaken and an officer in Urusander's Legion




"Scabandari's vast, iron hued wings ...... blinking nictitating membranes to clear his ice-blue draconean eyes." - (MT HB, pg 1)

Skin the shade of hammered iron, long grey har unbound, a gaunt, aquiline face with hard, close-set eyes. A broad, downturned mouth that bore no lines of laughter. High, unlined brow, diagonally scarred livid white against the dusky skin. - (MT TB, p.2)


"Scabandari Bloodeye, Father Shadow himself."  - (MT, UK HC, pg 29)


The Sundering of Emurlahn


'..And I and my followers shall escape the rivening that now besets Kurald Emurlahn-' Silchas Ruin snorted. 'A rivening by your own hand, Scabandari.'




Cotillion : 'Scabandari was originally Edur, and so he became their champion -'

After murdering the royal line of the Edur! Eloth said in a hiss. After spilling draconean blood in the heart of Kurald Emurlahn! After opening the first fatal wound upon that warren? What did he think gates were? - (BH UK Tpb, p.53)



The death of Scabandari Bloodeye


'The Elder gods loosed the blood in their veins. The dragons spawned a child of indescribable terror, to seek out and hunt down Scandabari Bloodeye. Father Shadow was brought down. An Elder god named Kilmandaros shattered his skull. Then they made for Bloodeye's spirit a prison of eternal pain, of agony beyond measure, to last until the Abyss itself is devoured. - (MT TB, p.93)


Scabandari, the Soletaken Dragon, had been driven into a hollow in the cliff-side and now crouched, splintered ribs no doubt making every breath an ordeal of agony.  One wing was shattered, half-torn away.  A hind limb was clearly broken, bones punched through flesh.  Its flight was at an end.


Should you kill the Tiste Edur here, his soul will be unleashed from his flesh, but it will remain, only marginally reduced in power.”

“I mean to kill him,”  Kilmandaros said in her soft voice.

“Then,”  Gothos’ smile broadened,  “you will need me.”

Mael snorted.

“Why do I need you?”  Kilmandaros asked the Jaghut.

He shrugged.  “A Finnest must be prepared.  To house, to imprison, this Soletaken’s soul.”


The dragon hissed, screamed in rage and fear as the Elder Goddess advanced.

When she drove a fist into Scabandari’s skull, centred on the ridge between and above the draconic eyes, the crack of the thick bone rang like a dirge down the length of the crevasse, and with the impact blood spurted from the Goddess’s knuckles.

The dragon’s broken head thumped heavily onto the broken bedrock, fluids spilling out from beneath the sagging body.  (RG)



 (BH UK Tpb, p.53)   - see also Sorrit


Face to the Light

betrayed by the Dark

Father Shadow

lies bleeding

Unseen and unseeing


until his Children

take the final path

and in the solitude

of strangers

Awaken once more

(MT TB, p.71)


Against the flat like thunder

Where the self dwells between the eyes,

Beneath the blow the bone shattered

And the soul was dragged forth

To writhe in the grip

Of unredeemed vengeance . . .

The Last Night of Bloodeye

Author unknown

(compiled by Tiste Andii scholars

of Black Coral)

(MT, UK Trade, p.128) 


The First Days of the Sundering of Emurlahn
The Edur Invasion, the Age of Scabandri Bloodeye
The Time of The Elder Gods

Scabandri, ruler of the Tiste Edur, flies over the aftermath of the great battle, surveying the remains. He sembles in to human form as he returns to the ground and spies Silchas Ruin coming to join him. Scabandri apologizes for his legions being late but comments that nonetheless, they now hold the gate. Scabandri is prideful over there victory but Silchas remains bitter over the losses sustained. Silchas explains to him that during the battle he had seen a witness to the war, a Jaghut who stood on a ridge to the north. Silchas chose not to approach for he sensed the beginning of a ritual from Omtose Phellack. 
Silchas gives Scabandri the title of Bloodeye for the blood that now stains his vision. While Silchas wonders at what the Jaghut could be conjuring from the warren of ice, Scabandri pulls a shadow-etched dagger, and drives it in to Silchas Ruin's back. Veering in to Draconean form, Scabandri grasped Silchas and flew him to a northern tower where Silchas would know, the eternal prison of the Azath.

After taking care of Silchas Ruin, Scabandri engaged in battle with the two Elder Gods, Mael and Kilmandaros. Scabandri is defeated and falls in vast fissure, unable to continue fighting. Mael and Kilmandaros descend the fissure and begin to argue over his fate. Gothos joins them and explains to Kilmandaros that they can not kill him. the ritual that Gothos has performed will preserve the land in ice and should Scabandri be killed, his soul will wander only marginally reduced in power. Gothos offers to fashion a Finnest to imprison the soul, in exchange for a debt. Kilmandaros bitterly agrees and Gothos reveals his Finnest. Kilmandaros drives her fist in Scabandri's skull, imprisoning him. Mael offers to take the Finnest but Gothos declines saying he will have it in exchange for the two's debt. Kilmandaros is displeased. Mael asks what he will do with it, and Gothos replies, "I have not yet decided, but I assure you, it will be most curiously unpleasant."


Other Ascendants

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