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Name: Shadowthrone

Pseudonyms: Ammanas; King of High House Shadow; Kellanved (formerly)

Age: ascended 1154 BS

Race: human, Dal Honese

Appearance: short (this may be exaggerated), always hidden in shadows. When walking, he tends to hobble about with a silver-headed cane (though this seems more an affectation than anything).

Warren: Meanas/Rashan

Further Info: Companion to Cotillion, prone to brilliant but insane plans and giggling. Commands the Hounds of Shadow. Bar owner, mage of Meanas, Founder of Malazan Empire, the Shadow god.

He is the current occupant of the eponymous Throne of Shadow (Meanas), having ascended after gaining entry to the Deadhouse over the events known as The Return.



"Now she saw a second man, shorter than Cotillion, also clothed in black... He spoke, his voice reed-thin..." - GotM, UK mmpb p.16


"a cloud of shadow was forming in the air, deepening and thickening in its centre. A moment later it dissipated, and a black, shrouded, translucent figure stood in its place, hands tucked into its sleeves. Shadows commanded whatever face lay hidden beneath the hood." - GotM, UK TPB, p.348-9


"Insubstantial, fading in an out of sight, smoky and wisp-threaded, Ammanas fidgeted on the ancient Throne of Shadow. Eyes like polished haematite were fixed on the scrawny figure standing before it." - BH, UK TPB, p.44, UK mmpb p.82


"Shadowthrone made a whispering sound, like sighing, and one almost formless hand emerged from the folds of his ghostly cloak, gripping the silver head of a cane, that tapped once on the cobbles." - BH, UK mmpb, pg.1153


"... a shape - no more than a smeared blur of shadows - whisper out from an alley, though he seemed to be hobbling on a cane" - TtH, UK mmpb, pg.3


"Shadowthrone never plays fair"

- Oponn(male) - GotM, UK TPB, p.497


And in the realm known as Shadow, a certain god sat motionless on his insubstantial throne. Already recovered from his shock, his mind was racing (HoC)


Quick Ben scowled.  "Aye, even back then – and it's not easy to admit this – he was a wily bastard.  The times I'd thought I'd worked round him, beat him clean, it turned out he had been playing me all along.  He was the ruler of shadows long before he even ascended.  Dancer gave him the civilized face, that mask of honest morality – just as Cotillion does now.  But don't be fooled, those two are ruthless – none of us mortals are worth a damned thing, except as a means to an end –" (DoD)




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