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Short Wotmania Interview (2006)

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Source: http://www.wotmania.com/fantasymessageboardshowmessage.asp?MessageID=172782


Ian Cameron Esslemont


Esslemont will have 1, possibly two books released in 2007. Transworld has picked up Esslemont's first novel, Night of Knives, and will be putting out a mass market publication of that novel in the spring of '07, May I think. So, this will be the chance for all those who felt the PS Publishing imprint was too expensive.


Secondly, Esslemont is working to finish his second Malazan novel, which could come out in 2007, but the date is uncertain, The Return of the Crimson Guard.


Esslemont was nice enough to answer a few short questions, so enjoy...


1. How do you feel about Night of Knives' pending re-issue? Is the prospect of a larger pressing different in any way to the initial PS Publishing publication?


I am excited of course, yes, but I’m also quite anxious. This is the big time – as they say. I hope it will do well as I have a lot more to tell of the Malaz world.


2. What's the status of Return of the Crimson Guard? Are you pleased with the process on that novel so far?


Return of the Crimson Guard is progressing well – it’s developing into a wide sprawling tale worthy of the “epic” category.


3. Can you give us a teaser plot element for the new novel... anything at all?


As to a teaser: as the title implies, the focus of the action is the Quon Talian mainland – we’ll get to see much more of it. Also, like the typical Malazan tale, there’s much more going on than just the one plotline. We will see much of the Guard, of course, but also Malazans, old and new, and a number of other personalities from the world.


If you're interested in checking out early order information from the UK... Amazon UK - Night of Knives Page



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