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Name: Silanah

Pseudonyms: Silanah red-wings, Silannah

Race: Eleint

Appearance: As a dragon, crimson-scaled.

Further Info: Anomander Rake's companion.



Silanah, an Eleint and companion to Anomander Rake - (GotM, Dramatis Personae)


"Silanah red-wings...Elder-born and true-blooded Tiam..." - (GotM, UK TPB, p.438)


"...locked on Silanah's blank, empty, deadly gaze - eyes as large as the Jaghut's head - as it bored down upon him with the speed of a springing viper." - (GotM, US HC, p.418)


"The red dragon regarded him steadily, her multi-faceted eyes glowing like beacons." - (GotM, US HC, p.442)

Clip  : 'Silanah, the Eleint who emerged at his (Anomander Rake's)  side from Emurlahn at the closing of the gate.”(RG)


In Draconic form, she was my father’s lover – but that was long ago.  But Anomander Rake’s hunger for awakening the blood of the Eleint within him had waned.  Even when faced with the ruination of Moon’s Spawn, he had not surrendered to it. (TCG)




Apart from discovering if there was enmity between Eleint and Soletaken.  It seems there is, with the possible exception of Silanah --”

“Seduced by Anomandaris’s charms,”  snapped Eloth.  “And Olar Ethil’s endless pleadings….”

“To bring fire to the world of the Imass,”  Cotillion said.  “For that is her aspect, is it not?  Thyr?”

Ampelas observed,  “He is not so uncomprehending as you believed, Kalse.”

“Then again,”  Cotillion continued,  “you too claim Thyr, Eloth.  Ah, that was clever of K’rul, forcing you to share power.” (BH UK Tpb p. 53)



"Atop its flat roof crouched a crimson-scaled dragon, wings folded, its wedge head hanging over one side so that it seemed to stare down on the crazed shadowy patchwork of buildings, alleys and streets far below.
There were citizens still in Black Coral - among the humans - who believed that the ferocious sentinel was the stone creation of some master artisan among the ruling Tiste Andii, and this notion left Endest Silann sourly amused. True he understood how wilful such ignorance could be. The thought of a real, live dragon casting its baleful regard down on the city and miltitude of scurrying lives was to most truly terrifying, and indeed, had they been close enough to see the gleaming hunger in Silannah's multifaceted eyes, they would have long fled Black Coral in blind panic.
For the Elient to remain so, virtually motionless, day and night, weeks into months now very nearly an entire year, was not unusual." -thoughts of Endest Silann - (TtH, US TPB, p.49 )
"Ahead and slightly to the right rose the Dragon Tower, and he could feel Silanah's crimson eyes on him from atop its great height. The regard of an Eleint was never welcome, no matter how familiar Silanah's presence among Rake's Tiste Andii.
Spinnock could well recall the last few times he had been witness to the dragon unleashed. Flames ripping through the forest that was Mott Wood, crashing down in a deluge, with a deafening concussions that drowned out every death-cry as countless unseen creatures died. Among them, perhaps a handful of Crimson Guard, a dozen of so Mott Irregulars. Like using an axe to kill ants.
Then, from the very heart of the fiery maelstrom, virulent sorcery lashed out, striking Silanah is a coruscating wave. Thunder hammered the air, the dragon's scream of pain. The enormous beast writhing, slashing her way free, then, trailing ropes of blood, flying towards Moon's Spawn.
He recalled Anomander Rake's rage, and how he could hold it in his eyes like a demon chained to his will, even as he stood motionless, even as he spoke in a calm, almost bored tone. A single word, a name.
Cowl." -thoughts of Spinnock Durav - (TtH, US TPB, p.62)
"There had been a time, after all, when Anomander Rake had warred against the pureblood dragons. ... The motivation for Rake's opposition to them was, typically, obscure. Silanah's arrival - much later - was yet another event shrouded in mystery. -thoughts of Spinnock Durav - (TtH, US TPB, p.63)
"Among the Rhivi of North Genebackis, there was a saying. A man who stirs awake the serpent is a man without fear. A man without fear has forgotten the rules of life.
Silanah heard their songs and prayers.
And she watched.
Sometimes mortals did indeed forget. Sometimes, mortals needed . . . reminding." -thoughts of Silanah - (TtH, US TPB, p.67)
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