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Silchas Ruin

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Silchas Ruin


Name: Silchas Ruin

Pseudonyms: White Crow, Betrayer (to the Tiste Edur)

Age: 300 000+ years

Race: Tiste Andii Elient Soletaken

Appearance: White skin, dull red eyes.

Warren: Kurald Galain, Starvald Demelain

Further info: 


"A vast bone white dragon... if anything larger than Scabandari" - (MT, UK HB, p.2)
"The albino Tiste Andii's pallid face" -(MT, UK HB, p.3)
"A head or more taller than the Tiste Edur Soletaken, yet terribly gaunt, muscles bound like rope beneath smooth, almost translucent skin. Talons from some raptor gleamed in the warrior’s thick, long white hair. The red of his eyes seemed feverish, so brightly did it glow. Silchas Ruin bore wounds: sword-slashes across his body. Most of his upper armour had fallen away, revealing the blue-green of his veins and arteries tracking branching paths beneath the thin, hairless skin of his chest. His legs were slick with blood, as were his arms." - (MT, UK TB, p.3)
"'...a figure was standing upon the trail. Skin the colour of bleached linen, tall as an Edur, a face obscured by dark streaks, as if blood-stained fingers had drawn down the gaunt cheeks. An apparition, the dull red eyes burning from those deep sockets dead. Mould hung in ragged sheets from rotting armour. Two scabbards, both empty.'" - (MT, UK TB, p.134)
"Silchas Ruin, third and last of Mother Dark's three children" - (MT, UK HB, p.5)
"Eleint! Soletaken but oh so much draconic blood. Tiam's own. Bone-white scales, the red of wounds smeared like misty paint, monstrously huge, the dragon the Wyval had chosen to follow loomed alongside them.

And Udinaas knew its name.

Silchas Ruin. Tiste Andii, who fed in the wake of his brother - fed on Tiam's blood, and drank deep. Deeper than Anomander Rake by far. Darkness and chaos. He would have accepted the burden of godhood... had he been given the chance." - (MT, UK TB, p.143)

"'Hull Beddict: 'Of what do you accuse her [Seren Pedac], ghost?'

Silchas Ruin: 'A thousand. A thousand upon a thousand misdeeds. Her. You. Your kind. The gods are as nothing. Demons less than children. Every Ascendant an awkward mummer. Compared to you. Is it ever the way, I wonder? That depravity thrives in the folds of a flower, when its season has come. The secret seeds of decay hidden beneath the burgeoning glory. All of us, here in your wake, we are as nothing.'" - (MT, UK TB, p.135)


'More than any of us - more even than Anomandaris', she (Sheltatha Lore) said, (...) 'Silchas Ruin thinks... draconean. As cold, as calculating, as timeless'.
- Sheltatha Lore to Sukul Ankhadu - (RG, UK mmpb, p. 327)

The First Days of the Sundering of Emurlahn
The Edur Invasion, the Age of Scabandri Bloodeye
The Time of The Elder Gods

Overlooking the destruction of the great battle, Silchas Ruin, whos swords are shattered, meets with Scabandri and discuss the battle. Scabandri apologizes for his legions being late but comments that nonetheless, they now hold the gate. During the battle Silchas had seen a witness to the war, a Jaghut who stood on a ridge to the north. Silchas chose not to approach for he sensed the beginning of a ritual. Omtose Phellack.
Silchas gives Scabandri the title of Bloodeye for the blood that now stains his vision. While Silchas wonders at what the Jaghut could be conjuring from the warren of ice, Scabandri pulls a shadow-etched dagger, and drives it in to Silchas Ruin's back. Veering in to Draconean form, Scabandri grasped Silchas and flew him to a northern tower where Silchas would know, the eternal prison of the Azath.

Other Ascendants

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