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Name: Skinner


Age: 100+

Race: Human, Avowed of the Crimson Guard

Appearance: Encased in armour with a dark surcoat and a greatsword at his side.

Further Info: Second in the Guard only to K'azz, commands First Company. 


He is reputedly the best among the Avowed and is the only one among them to live through a clash with Dassem Ultor.



"(...) Dassem had clashed with them for decades--and that alone was enough to give anyone pause regarding their prowess. (..) It was said the Avowed were unstoppable, but Dassem had slain every one who had challenged him: Shirdar, Keal, Bartok. Only Skinner, they say, had come away alive from their clash." -Temper (NoK, PSP THC, p.24)


"Iron Bars had fought brilliantly, (...) but the Avowed was very nearly done. Corlo had never before seen such fighting, had never before witnessed the fullest measure of this Avowed's ability. It had been said, by Guardsmen who would know, that he was nearly a match to Skinner. And now Corlo believed it." (MT, UK HC, p.661)


"Guard lore had it his Ninth Blade was one of the storied, established a century before, and first commanded by a legendary figure named Skinner." (RotCG, UK TPB, p.8)


"Another heavy step and a figure(Skinner) emerged. Layered iron armour that glitterted darkly in the silver light encased it head to toe. A tall closed helm accented the man's great height and his hands in articulated gauntlets rested on the grip of a greatsword belted at his waist.


Kyle now saw that flower petals dusted the man's surcoat, which was of a dark, almost black, shimmering cloth.


Kyle was relieved to see the sword safely put away. The glimpse he had of it made him recoil. The blade had been mottled black in corrosion and something told him that its slightest touch would be unhealthy." (RotCG, US mmpb, p.267-268)


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