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Name: -- Smiles

Pseudonyms: --

Age: --

Race: -- Human

Appearance: --

Warrens: --(if applicable)

Further Info: --


Selected Soldiers In The Fourteenth Army


BH, Dramatis Personae


"Strings glanced over at her. Frighteningly young...


'And what is your name, soldier?' Strings asked her...


...'Drill sergeant named her smiles,' Koryk said.




'Aye. She never does.'

Hoc, UK, mmpb, pg. 301


She survived Y'Ghatan and so earned her place as part of the Bonehunters. While under the ruins we learn more about her origins.


"She remembered...the night of lies that lumbered into the Itko Kanese village when the seas had been silent...and so rare in the small village where she'd been born."

BH, Uk, mmpb, pg. 427 




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