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Sorcerous Communication

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Sorcerours Communication

Communicating through use of sorcery.



Magical Summons


"The magical summons, when it came, awakened her before Calot. [...] Then he too sensed the calling and awoke to her smile. [...]

'I sense impatience in Hairlock,' Calot murmured beside her."

GotM, mmpb, pp59+62 



Vocal communication via KCCM artefacts


"Whiskeyjack released the straps and pulled out an object wrapped in burgundy silk. He removed the cloth, revealing twin yellowed bones of a human forearm. The elbow-end's ball joints were bound together with verdigrised copper wire; the wrist ends were wrapped as well, but as a misshapen knife grip, beyond which jutted a serrated blade.

'What is this,' the captain asked. 'I've never seen its like before.'

'Be surprised, if you had,' Whiskeyjack said. 'Back in the days of the Emperor, the inner ring of military commanders each possessed one of these, the booty of a looted K'Chain Che'Malle tomb.' He grasped the bones with both hands. 'It was the source of much of our success, Captain." He rose and drove the point into the table.

A flash of white light erupted from the bones, then contracted to a swirl spinning thread-like between them. Paran heard a voice he knew."

GotM, mmpb, p549


"The sergeant sighed under his breath and massaged his newly healed leg, then drove the forearm's blade into the tabletop.

Contact was immediate. High Fist Dujek's gravelly voice filled the room."

GotM, mmpb, p.690



Full communication via spell


"'And now, dear priest,' Brukhalian said. 'Are you certain of this ... invitation of yours?'

Karnadas shook his head. 'No, I am not. I can discern nothing of the sender's identity, nor even if its stance is true to our or inimical.'

'Yet it awaits reply still?'

'Yes, Mortal Sword, it does.'

'Then let us make on. Now.'

Karnadas's eyes widened slightly. 'Sir, perhaps then we should call in a mane, in case we invite an enemy into our midst?'

'Destriant, you forget, I am Fener's own weapon.'

Aye, but will that be enough? 'As you say, sir.' Karnadas strode to a cleared space in the chamber. He folded back the sodden sleeves of his shirt, then made a slight gesture with his left hand. A small, pulsing orb took form in front of the priest. 'This fashioning is in our language,' he said, studying the manifestation again. 'The language of Fener's Reve [...]'

'Release the invitation, sir.'

'As you command.' He gestured again. The orb brightened,, then began growing, its light thinning, the sphere growing translucent. Karnadas stepped back to give it space, fighting down his alarm at the sheer power behind this communication. 'Sir, there are souls within this. Not two or three - a dozen, maybe more - yet they are bound within one. I have not seen it's like before.'

A figure, sitting cross-legged, slowly took form within the orb, dark skinned, lean, wearing light leather armor. The man's face showed an expression of mild surprise. In the background, the two Grey Swords could see the interior walls of a small tent. A brazier set before the man, giving his dark eyes a lurid glow."

MoI, mmpb, p.288


"'I'd shaped the spell to reflect the company's own nature - whether greedy and rapacious, or honourable or whatever. I admit, though, I didn't expect it to find pious faith. Still, the spell was designed to be malleable, and so it was.'"

- Quick Ben

MoI, mmpb, p.293


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