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Steven Erikson

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"He's created a fantasy world as rich and detailed as any you're likely to

encounter. It's a world you'll be glad you weren't born into, but one

that is so engrossing you'll be hard pressed to set it aside."

-SF Site



Steven Erikson is one of the co-creators of the Malazan world and the author of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, as well as four novellas starring Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. Steven Erikson is actually the pen-name of Steven Rune Lundin. Originally the pen-name was used only for his works pertaining to the Malazan world, but he also published The Devil Delivered in 2005 as Erikson and re-published Revolvo under the name in 2008.





Steven Lundin was born in Toronto, Canada on October 7th, 1959. Early in his childhood the family moved to Winnipeg, Canada, which is where Steven grew up and presumably where he met Ian Cameron Esslemont another Winnipegian and the other co-author of the Malazan world. Steven and Ian created and began developing the Malazan world through role-playing games in the Dungeons & Dragons style.


Steve attended the University of Victoria's writing program.


For most of the 1980s and '90s, Steve worked as an archaeologist. He worked mostly on digs throughout central Canada - including Northwest Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan - as well as Belize. He has described his specialties in archaeology as including "stone technology, rock art, and surveying (in the latter I seem to have a knack for finding sites)." 


During these decades, Erikson married Clare Thomas and also collaborated with Ian Cameron Esselmont on writing a screenplay set in the malazan world. In 1991, Steve re-wrote the screenplay in a novel form, and begin the 8-year process of re-writing the novel while trying to obtain interest from publishers.


Steven Lundin and Clare moved to the UK in 1995, but he had trouble finding work in the field of archaeology despite his experience working in the Americas. They settled in Dorking, 40km south of London and Steven took a job at Toyota in the communications department. Shorly after settling in England, a fellow author, David Thomas, introduced Steven to publishing agent Patrick Walsh, whom Erikson entered into a long-term working relationship with, seeking a publisher for Gardens of the Moon.


In April of 1999, after 8 years and three rewrites, Gardens of the Moon was finally published by Transworld and quickly became very popular across numerous fantasy websites. Later that year, during a fantasy convention in Birmingham, the publisher Orion made an offer to Steven and later that year Transworld made a counter-offer of £675,000 for a ten-book series (including Gardens), one of the largest fees ever paid for a fantasy series. Steven accepted the Transworld offer. While the money would be paid over the decade or so as his books were published, it was still enough for him to give up his job at Toyota and write full-time.


Since then, Steven has been publishing a new novel in the Book of the Fallen series almost every year. Sometime after finishing Deadhouse Gates, he and his wife moved back to Winnipeg where they resided for several years. Following completion of The Bonehunters, they again moved, this time to Victoria, British Columbia.


Some years later, the family moved back to England where they currently reside.


In between writing Dust of Dreams and The Crippled God, Steve went on an archaelogical excursion in Mongolia where he suffered a series of unfortunate and unhealthy events, which he later wrote about in his online blog Life as a Human.




Steve Lundin's wife is Clare Thomas. She grew up in England and attended Bryanston School, graduating in 1980, followed by the University of Cambridge, graduating in 1984.


Their son is Bowen Thomas-Lundin, born in 1991. He is currently a student at the University of Durham.




(Malazan-related entries are in bold)


Short Stories and Novellas: 


  • A Ruin of Feathers (1991) (as Steven Lundin)
  • Revolvo and Other Canadian Tales (1998) (as Steven Lundin)
  • Blood Follows (2002)
  • The Healthy Dead (2004) (a tale of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach)
  • The Devil Delivered (2005) (a tale of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach)
  • The Lees of Laughter's End (2007) (a tale of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach)
  • Revolvo (2008)
  • Crack'd Pot Trail (2009)  (a tale of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach) 





  • Stolen Voices (1993) (as Steven Lundin)
  • This River Awakens (1998) (as Steven Lundin) 
  • Gardens of the Moon (1999)
  • Deadhouse Gates (2000)
  • Memories of Ice (2001)
  • House of Chains (2002)
  • Midnight Tides (2004)
  • Fishin' with Grandma Matchie (2004) (as Steven Lundin)
  • When She's Gone (2004) (as Steven Lundin)
  • The Bonehunters (2006)
  • Reaper's Gale (2007)
  • Toll the Hounds (2008)
  • Dust of Dreams(coming in 2009)
  • The Crippled God (forthcoming)







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