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Name: Stormy



Race: human, Falari

Appearance:... Red hair and beard, small eyes, huge

Further Info: Shield Anvil of the K'Chain Che'Malle. Almost/is Ascended. Holds the position of Throne in the The Deck of Dragons. Former Adjutant in the Malazan Empire.


Stormy, a soldier in the Coastal Guard - (DG, Dramatis Personae)

Gesler : "Stormy!  Stormy!  Androjan Redarr you brainless bastard!" (DoD UK HC p.878) 


'Stormy revealed the dark clouds (in his eyes) that likely gave reason to his name' - (DG, UK MMPB, p.317)


"'Stormy? Not Cartharon Fist's Adjutant Stormy -'" - (DG, UK mmpb, p.671)


' He says so many things I can’t remember them all. He’s been right plenty of times, I think. I’m sure of it, in fact. Almost sure.’ Tugg faced Strings. ‘He says you were in Onearm’s Host. And the Empress wants your head on a spike, because you’ve been outlawed.’

The man then turned to Gesler. ‘And he says you and your corporal, Stormy, are Old Guard. Underage marines serving Dassem Ultor, or maybe Cartheron Crust or his brother Urko.' - (HoC UK MMPB, p.641)


Heboric's Healing


After being pierced through the thigh with a spear of water, Heboric attempts to stanch the wound with one of his 'ghost-hands' (loam-smeared? earth-coloured then, the implication being that it is the hand connected to Fener), with startling results:


'Heboric plunged a ghostly, loam-smeared hand directly into the wound...The tattoos flowed out from Heboric's wrist to spread a glowing pattern on the soldier's thigh...the wound closed, the tattoos knitting together like sutures...He'd (Kulp) seen something more than just healing pass from Heboric's arm into Stormy. Whatever it had been, it was virulent and tinged with madness.' - (DG, UK MMPB, p.327-8)


Speculation: if the ghost hand that Heboric used was the one connected to Fener and/or the Boar God's warren, then it seems likely that Stormy is Fener's new Shield-Anvil, a title which Legana Breed attributes to him in BH . This might also explain Stormy's commentary in the Imperial Warren with Kalam and Quick Ben,and its tone - (BH UK Tpb, p.328-331)


After the Warren of Telas (Tellann)


“Adjutant Stormy,”  Cotillion said,  “is not quite as mortal as he might seem.  Annealed in the fires of Thyrllan.  Or Kurald Liosan.  Or Tellann.  Or all three.  In any case, as you can see, he’s mending already.  The broken ribs are completely healed, as is the failing liver and shattered hip.  And the cracked skull.  Alas, nothing can be done for the brain in it .......

......Adjutant Stormy.  Annealed in holy fires.  Still scowling.  - (BH, UK tpb. p222)


Beak : "Gesler and Stormy, they’re the Falari ones, but with skins of gold and muscles and all that, the ones who were re-forged in the fires of Tellann.  Telas, Kurald Liosan, the fires, the ones dragons fly through to gain immunities and other proofs against magic and worse.  Yes, they’re there, too.”(RG)


Pella thought about his squad.  Something odd about all three of them.  Gesler, Stormy and Truth.  Not just that strangely gold skin, either - (BH UK TPB, p.)



The Imass Sword


Legana Breed faced Stormy again. ‘I am the last of my clan,’ he rumbled. ‘L’echae Shayn shall end. This weapon is our memory. Carry it, mortal. Learn its weight. Stone ever thirsts for blood.’ He offered the marine the four-foot-long sword.  Face blank, Stormy accepted it. Felisin saw the muscles of his forearms stiffen as they took the weight and held it. (DG UK TPB, p.268)


'..and as for this Falari soldier here, his spirit is bound to a T'lan Imass, and the Fire of Life that passes for worship among the T'lan Imass..' Apsalar - (BH, UK Tpb, p.3690


'Nothing is ever as easy as it seems, Shield Anvil. Carry the pain in your heart and know this: you are far from finished with this world.' - (BH, UK Tpb, p.840)



Destriant to the K'Chain Che'malle


"She shifted slightly and pointed at Stormy. 'He Shield Anvil.' Then she pointed at Gesler. 'You Mortal Sword.'" - Destriant Kalyth - (DoD, US mmpb, p.1168)


This Mortal Sword and his words impressed Gu'Rull, insofar as these soft humans could do so; but then, neither the one named Gesler nor the one named Stormy were truly human.  Not anymore.  The aura of their presence was almost blinding to the Shi'gal's eyes.  Ancient fires had forged them.  Thyrllan, Tellann, perhaps even the breath and blood of the Eleint. (DoD)


They've been snatched.  Right out from the middle of a whole damned army.  Gesler. Stormy.  Why them?  Oh don't be obtuse, Fid.  They were annealed in the Forge of Thyrllan.  Ascendants both. (DoD UK HC p.


"'We got us a destiny. Right here. Right now. She's Destraint and you're Shield Anvil and I'm Mortal Sword-'

'Wrong way round,' Gesler snarled. 'I'm the Mortal Sword-'

'Good. Glad we got that settled.'" - (DoD, US mmpb, p.11700


"'Listen Ges, I really have no idea what it is  a Shield Anvil's supposed to do.'

'You're a giant pit everyone bleeds into, Stormy.' - (DoD, US mmpb, p.1239_


"'Go on, Ges, go hide your K'ell, I've got it here.'

'See you when it's done Shield Anvil.'

'Aye, Mortal Sword.' - (DoD, US mmpb, p.1254)




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