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Name: Studlock

Pseudonyms: Studious Lock the Landless, of One Eye Cat



Further Info: Renegade Seguleh



Torvald flinched as Studlock drifted towards him.  Hood, mask, eerie eyes, all bound up in rags to cover up what had been done to him back in his adopted city-

TtH, US mmpb p.543


'Where are your masks?' said Studious Lock.

Lazan Door flung the bone dice against the wall again, bent to study the results.

'We tossed 'em,' answered Madrun.

'Make new ones.'

'We don't want to, Studious, we really don't.'

'That goes without saying, but it changes nothing.'

TtH, US mmpb p.547


Make new masks - now why should they do that?  Renegade Seguleh are renegade - they can't ever go back.  Supposedly, but then, what do any of us really know about the Seguleh?  Make new masks, he said to them.  Why?

TtH, US mmpb p.551


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